Putters...how many?


Totally Driven is the best fitter in the country.
They hand ground a wedge for me that club champion messed up.
Highly recommend


1 - Scotty Cameron Circa 62 #2 Charcoal Mist Finish. Black Scotty Cameron putter grip with tennis overgrip tape.

Had it for 10 years. Not sure I could own a different putter after using it for that long.


Just parted ways with a Circa 62 #2. Probably my favorite putter ever, but needed some money to help pay for grad school. Currently gaming a Golo 5r which rolled really well for me last season. Will definitely be getting another Circa 62. Still not over having to sell it.


Only one putter, a Rife Barbados I’ve used for maybe 8 years now. Needs a new grip and head cover, but dealing with Rife from The U.K. is a struggle. Other grips and covers are available obviously, but the feel of the grip is hard to replicate.

I’ve tried an Evnroll recently and like it, but at £270 I’m struggling to justify it.

Guerin Rife is a genius when it comes to creating putters.


Love putters and have to stop myself buying more Scotty Cameron’s. Quite like finding bargains on eBay, but currently I have:

  1. Scotty Cameron Mil Spec 350g version. Had this refinished and finished in a beautiful black.

  2. Scotty Cameron Mil Spec 350g. The back up :joy:

  3. Scotty Cameron X5.

  4. Scotty Cameron Newport (black mist version)

I usually rotate them depending on mood and season. Would love to get a SC 009 but not sure on spending that much!


Found a Callie that loooked practically new on eBay for $50 and couldn’t resist pulling the trigger on it. Of course I felt the need to order a Super Stroke counter balance grip for it which is >50% the cost of the putter. Whatever. Definitely excited to have that back in the rotation.