Putter Protection and Care

Just had my Scotty Cameron Coronado 2 refurbished this offseason and want to protect its condition moving forward. Any recommended care techniques? Gun oil? Baby oil? Silicon oil? Olive oil? Essential oils?

Let a guy know how you take care of your putter. Much appreciated.

I had my Scotty redone with a black oxide finish and I’m told to keep gun oil spritzed on the head at all times to prevent rust, as well as inside the head cover. Always dry it after every round and make sure it’s always wet with gun oil.

I sleep with my Scotty every night so that nobody will steal it


True story my wife asked me what my most prized possession is in case of fire and I told her my Santa Fe red dot. I’ve never seen one identical to it. This is the closest photo I’ve ever found online, but mine doesn’t have the dancing Cameron on the heel. Bought it off eBay 15+ years ago. Really should send it off for a refurb. As for maintenance…I just try to make sure it’s dry if I play an especially wet round.

I’ve successfully played a carbon putter finished in black oxide with no issues (wouldn’t play it on sandy greens though) by using baby oil or a Scotty rag. You can do either or get a gun oil rag for cheap. Just keep the putter and cover dry when storing/playing and wipe with after you play. I’ve seen people who know more than I do suggest eezox since it dries and won’t collect sand/fertilizer, but it always made my paint fill run. Maybe the spray is better on that than the liquid I used though.

I use putter butter from the golf works to protect finish


And I use ghost tape to protect the sole


As many have suggested keeping some kind of oily substance on a steel club when not in use. I personally use WD40, since my main goal is not oil, but not having water on the club. Gun oil, putter butter, silicone spray will all work. The absolute most important thing is never, ever, ever, let them sit in a wet head cover. That is the death penalty.