Putter Only Amateur Win

Anthony Griggs shot a 84 in the D flight of an amateur tournament using only a putter and won by 6. He also used a $2.99 putter from goodwill.

This whole scenario is very perplexing:
How bored with regular golf do you have to be to switch over to only a putter? How many tournaments has he entered and been blown out at? Why? Entering a D flight with a putter is sandbagging douchebaggery right?

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Replacing a Scotty :woozy_face:

Dude takes his shit very seriously it appears, down to a very phallic logo

This bugs me way more than it should. This guy STINKS. The Bluetooth ear piece and hip towel doesn’t help his look either.

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Count me in this boat. What the fuck?


Exactly. Hard to describe it as sandbagging but screw this gui

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His video footage sucks too

this feels like a Florida Man thing

I posted this in Arizona Roll Call earlier to see if anyone knows him personally. This needs to be someone’s avatar now.

Arizona has long sucked way worse than Florida. Not even close, actually. Arizona is not great.


my best score on trackman sweetens was with a 3 wood only and with 8 foot gimmie putts

that’s kind of like that right?

  1. Did you have a belt loop cell phone holder?
  2. Did you have a phallic image on your chest and hat?
  3. Do you have a “do-it-all partner, friend, sometimes caddie and manager”?
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lol, 0/3

Best bet for this would be @matthew823, one of the longest residents I know of who would be most likely to have come across this guy before…

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Very punchable

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Look, Arizona is not great, but Florida has been around as part of the USA a lot longer than Arizona.

I’d bet Florida Man was a thing back when Arizona Man was still just a northern Mexican.

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Miguel Angel Jimenez says we should limit people to 10 golf clubs and all of Woke Golf goes crazy in support.

This dude plays with one club and we stone him to death.

Have you seen the video? This dude can absolutely play some golf. I’m all for him and his horrible logo.


Never come across him.

I’m with @Lazstradamus on this point, though. If you can shoot 84 with just a putter on an Arizona desert golf course, more power to you. I haven’t played with many guys who can do it with a full set.


Original Florida Man


His cousin: Arizona Gui.