Putt Out Mat vs BirdieBall Mats?

Has anybody had experience with both and can compare? They are at similar price points just trying to figure out which is best for indoor putt practice.


There were some discussions about them in this thread. I am looking at buying one here soon

Can’t directly compare the two as I’ve only got a birdieball mat.

I wouldn’t have gone with the birdieball mat though if it was going to be in an area where my dog regularly walked, as the nails would likely damage the mat.

I have a friend with a BirdieBall. He loves it. However, when I was looking for one he advised against it because of where I wanted to put it. He said his gets indentations if he stands in the same spot too long. I was going to have it in a place where people would walk over it somewhat often and he said there was no way it could take that. I would say if it’s just the long narrow version where you aren’t standing on it, it’s great. But if you want a bigger one with more holes, it’s just not going to hold up well.

If I was going to do it again I’d get a long skinny one with a stance mat on the side.

I bought the kit for creating breaks etc, and haven’t even used it. Just spend all my time on making sure technique is accurate and hitting straight putts. I feel like a longer skinnier mat would give me more options for working on speed/distance control. While still being easy to put away. Right now the 4/10 mat is a bit of a PIA to roll up.

Also, with a 10ft mat now, by the time your standing on it, and the holes are cut, you’re actually only hitting 8ftish length putts.

I’ve got an 18 foot birdie ball. Dog makes little nail marks in it. High Heels rip right through it. However, I’ve never rolled a putt as true and fast on any other artificial turf as the Birdie Ball.


I have the birdie ball and I really like the roll. I got a skinny one. I love the hole reducers. I have added a Putt-out to the mat as a Frankenstein setup.

The only downside is the height of the ball when inside in barefoot is off by approximately an inch compared to being in shoes on the same surface (i.e., real golf).

I don’t have either one, but I have researched both a bunch over the last couple of months hoping to buy one. Since I don’t have one, I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending one over the other, but I wanted to write to suggest looking at the Well Putt mats. I think that would be the one I would opt for of the 3 if I was to get one.

I came across it via the Fried Egg.

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I’ve got a 16’ by 18” Birdie Ball with the side extension to stand on to keep you level with the putting surface.

Rolls great and keeps me sharp over the winter. I work from home, so I’m easily holing 200 3 and 4 footers per day. Saturday is the first day out, so hopefully that translates to the course.

Used it for some longer puts before we had a baby and I could set it up on the hardwood. Wife wanted to kill me when I woke him up with a ball rolling across the hardwood. Moved it to the carpet in my office and it just does not sit 100% level. Can work on speed, but don’t really worry about holing putts over 4 feet

I second the well putt mats - have one in my office that I use any chance I get to work on alignment / line and speed.

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I have the birdie ball 12 footer and it rolls great. It kinda of a pain to roll and un roll and put the bumpers on and as discussed above my dog has made a few indention marks with his claws.

But it is great for some indoor practice! and my 3 year old loves it

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I just ordered the birdieball 3x12 with the bag side bumpers, and one hole on each end (that’s what she said!!). Figure the boy and I can hit putts back and forth inside. I looked at the well putt, putt out, etc…but decided I just wanted the satisfaction of the ball falling in the hole.

hoping my beagle isn’t big enough to puncture holes in it.

10% off and free shipping for orders over $100 right now.

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My brother has a birdieball that I’ve used a ton. Then I have the puttout mat. Personally, I would go with the puttout mat every time. Really well made and rolls nicely. Easy to roll up and get out of the way. Downside is that there’s no actual cup if that bothers you. I have the puttout trainer that I use with it anyway so never bothered me.

All of that said, either of them will do what you need. Both provide a good surface to roll the ball on. Just depends on things like if you have pets to tear it up or if you prefer a cup.

I have a WellPutt mat in my living room and it’s pretty damn good…with the Putt Out Pressure Trainer.

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After hearing about people saying their putt out mats are starting to develop a groove, I think I’m leaning back to the BirdieBall. I’ve always been worried about their durability, but I don’t think I’d be making the “same” putt each time, so there shouldn’t be any type of groove.

C please.

but yes…ultimately I like the clean look of the birdie ball mat and being able to drop it into a cup rather than roll it over a dot. maybe I’ll change my mind and get another one.

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Started this thread a year ago and proud to say I pulled the trigger on a PuttOut mat today.

Feels like I have just announced my college commitment after a lengthy recruitment. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. No further questions at this time.


I really wish you had sat at a table with each name on a paper and properly selected one.

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Funny I bought one today too and the trainer after having the BirdieBall for a little over a year.

The Birdie Ball was great, but durability is a major issue. Kids, Dog, etc beat the S out of it and then rolling and unrolling all the time it was pretty hard to maintain shape.

If I had the space in a spare room I think a shorter wider Birdie Ball would be ideal. But looking forward to the PuttOut and Trainer.

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Same combo, loving it