Pull, pop up miss

Sometimes late in the round I start to pop up and pull my hybrid and fairway woods. Happens especially in the rough or awkward lies. The ball will go 100 yards high 50 feet left. I have a tendency to overly shorten my backswing as the round goes on, so maybe it’s a tempo problem? I have had some issues with shanks, but mostly with short irons and this doesn’t feel or look like a shank miss. Can’t find much on then internet about this specific miss.

My thought is that you are getting a bit anxious or tired and doing one or both of the following

  • Starting your downswing by opening up your shoulders. This will cause the club to come over the top and be too steep. This will cause a pull + pop up
  • not completing the shoulder turn during your backswing. This has the same effect of the above. an open shoulder line at impact which will result in an over the top move and a pull

Hope this helps. Remember it is best to go get a lesson from a PGA professional who can see your swing and is a trained professional :grinning: