Prost My Swing and Adjacent Things

We have Roast My Swing and that’s fun and all, but how about a place to go nuts and gush over a swing, traj, or whatever else?

Here are three that I’ve posted in other threads

traj department

ball burning through atmosphere sound


aaaaand go!


@hellofriends do you strictly follow junior golfers on insta…? :wink:

That last video has the most speed I’ve ever seen, wowza


Please no @zacradford in this thread…EVER.


guess I gotta put this here


Can I post ironically :joy:? I’ve got footage from the Charlotte meetup.


haha, ironically I don’t follow any of them!

This is over a year old, but man golf looks so easy with a sound swing like this. Plus, it’s fun as hell watching that approach shot sail towards the green in the second video. Davis Riley, y’all!

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This is my buddy’s son …played with him at a Long Beach course 2 weeks ago and Tukwet in Riverside this past Sat…got hammered by him of course and he kills the ball…he is a +4. He has a smooth as hell looking swing …


That is a gorgeous swing

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I’m not loving this but need to share :exploding_head:

I posted his swing in another thread, but you have found a much, much better video here. It looks bonkers from this angle

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Min Woo Lee, messing around. But still, SHEESH. Listen to that sound.

How do we imbed videos on here? I’m so bad at technology y’all :joy:

From where?

min woo already got a win on the euro tour he gonna be really good

My phone.

but are we talking like from you camera roll or from somewhere like Instagram?

Yes, camera roll

That wee little icon that looks like a picture of a painting or whatever in the bottom right is where you need to start. The rest should be easy