Professional Networking

Wanted to get this thread started as a launching pad for some personal / professional networking. I realize that I may be ridiculed for trying to bring work / professional life in to The Refuge, but at the same time think the added benefit of networking alongside like-minded individuals couldn’t hurt. I think it would be awesome to read future stories or tales of people connecting on The Refuge that lead to business relationships. I also feel like personal networking is a dying breed with the way LinkedIn is now a days, everybody and their mother is a recruiter or a Gary V wannabe.

On a personal note: I am in sales, and have already connected with @aannddyy00 as we are in a similar industry.

I’m also curious to know how often everybody is able to play given their respective day jobs.

Would love to read more about what others do to bankroll your personal golf lifestyle! Cheers!


This whole thing may start with good intentions, but a Refuge Linkedin group only serves as a red flag to potential employers that a given employee is great at wasting time.


Im in on this thread.

I’ve been in the finance industry (i-banking) for 10 years now, in NYC. Have realized that post-crisis (probably for all the right reasons) the industry aint the same, and I’m definitely looking to make a move in the next 2-3 years. Also planning on leaving NY, very open-minded about potential destinations - a longer golf season would be nice.

Pipe dream is to work in the sports industry, but I know that’s probably on everyone’s wish list.

Anyway, happy to discuss with and learn from all.


Probably not much networking to be had on here in my field haha. I own 2 cannabis farms in California. It is an absolute shit show right now and I am strongly considering a transition. To what I do not know. This has been my life for 19 years. If anything a possible lateral shift within the industry. The farmer is just at the bottom of the hill to catch all the shit as it rolls down hill. There’s nobody below me to shovel the shit to. Anyways, all that being said, I can’t complain. Ahaha


I work in global supply chain/planning for a CPG company in Chicago. It’s not the most exciting work and I don’t generally love it, but the market is really good for what I do so I can’t complain. I’m actually looking to hire someone on my team right now, the two requirements are don’t be an idiot and SAP APO experience. Not sure if any refugees fit the bill…


At columbia business school, looking at long/short hedge funds so if anyone needs a research analyst let me know.


Work for an investment firm in CT and run the day to day of our institutional business, working with existing clients and sourcing new investors. If I did this in the 80s, I would play a TON of golf and “do deals” on the course, but times have changed. Truly data heavy, somewhat relationship oriented, but all about process and fit.

Always interested in meeting other people with a passion for investing or that work for peers, competitors or sit on investment committees.

I volunteer my time away from the office to help manage my town’s pension fund because I love it…and they desperately needed the help.

I truly believe a conversation can never hurt, and almost always willing to have one.


Absolutely agree, trying to keep this off LinkedIn…

Crazy interesting that you’ve been in the cannabis industry for 19 years, can only imagine how much change you’ve seen over time and especially in the last 5 (?) years

Crazy how much times have changed…my old man was in sales and it was ALL about that personal relationship…tickets to games or concerts, wine/dine, and handshake deals. Feel like now a days like you mentioned it has definitely moved away from that.

Definitely have an interest in investing, would love to continue having my money “work for itself / me”, but I’m currently pigeon-holed in to 401k and a small street account. Want more! Was talking about angel investing / IPOs (re: Pinterest IPO) today, and that is such an interesting topic to me, but gotta start somewhere!

Most people aren’t even allowed to do the wine/dine, tickets dance anymore. For better or worse (mostly better, in my opinion). Business should be won on merit and trust, and the relationships help foster trust. Box seats to a playoff game are a facade for creating trust…maybe familiarity…which isn’t nothing.

Don’t have much to add to your investment conundrum. I used to be a pension consultant (also endowments, foundations, etc) but working an investment management firm now, we focus on those large institutional investors vs. the Refugee’s of the world like myself and you.


Public finance/economic development consultant here. Basically help public entities provide tax incentives to help retain and attract new jobs, redevelop blighted property, and build affordable housing. Originally started at a small firm dedicated specifically to this industry, that was just purchased by a large accounting firm. So I went from 75 coworkers, to 3,000 plus and all of the overhead that comes with that. Been an adjustment to say the least.


Shyster. Small town practice in Sonoma County. Transactional (not litigation) – real estate and commercial transactions. Largest clients are Sonoma and Napa wineries and local real estate investors (who mostly invest out of state) and developers.

Tough job to get a lot of time on the course but luckily I have clients who also have lives and, with the odd emergency excepted, encourage me to live mine. So, I generally play on weekends only, although my club has a golf league during the summer on Tuesday nights. My favorite time to get out is Friday evenings – usually have the course to myself and my wife is comfortable out there when there are no witnesses.


Being in a small town and presumably a small practice, do you ever have periods of down time or are you consistently busy?

My dude! I work in sales for a trucking company who’s big into CPG, so I gotta ask… Need any trucks???

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I work in project management for a large nonprofit doing governmental and commercial contract research. What’s great that I get to work on completely different types of projects on a variety of subjects (drug use, prisoners, medical costs to name a few), meet people from all walks of life, travel a bit but not too much, and I’d like to think the research ultimately does some good. Work with a lot of great people and our company gives us nice perks. Pay is decent, but benefits are fantastic. On the downside, it’s a lot of work and I see some trends that concern me in how AI may render a lot of this work obsolete.

My dad was an insurance salesman and did quite well for himself. Worked for him a bit after college, but realized I wanted to make my own way in the world. Went to grad school and ended up in research.

However, the sales bug is still there. More flexible schedule, ability to make more cheddar, and more control over my career is appealing.

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What (or how) are you researching within said contracts?

I’m in sports journalism, although I am not a well-known sports journalist that you have definitely read before. Any low-level media types, I’m always willing to meet up.


Kind of taking a stab in the dark here…do you cover one sport / team specifically, or touch all sports for a smaller publication?

hahahaha that went over everbody’s head but I knew exactly who you were talking about.