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To answer your original question, one thing he has done to make me believe is overcome the chipping yips, which i think has been way under-appreciated considering he had a terrible case of it. He’s been under pressure and chipped beautifully, consistently. From the outside, we see that he was chipping horribly and now he’s chipping fine, so we sort of just move on to other things like ball striking and putting, because it’s no longer a talking point. It was a huge hurdle to overcome and he did it with probably 10hrs per day of chipping practice, for weeks. He’s never going to talk about it…ever. It’s just a thing he had to take care of.

My guess is he’ll win the Open Championship this year, and all of a sudden you’ll hear thousands saying “I knew he would win another major!”


All the Poor Man’s Trons & Poor Man’s Solys on this site really drive home how great the real deals are. :grin:

Hot Take? Sure. Steaming hot.


This!!! This is absolutely true. It actually makes me wonder whether the extent of some of the off course issues that the chipping yips got to that point. Painkiller concoctions don’t make for great hand-eye coordination. That’s a separate topic but yeah, his ability to have almost erased memories of that has been impressive.

I’m not in with big Auto or Chrome Soft so my takes definitely lack necessary horsepower and nuance. Seeking sponsorships to go pro?!


Did he really face the yips? or was it the pain that caused it. I thought the yips was a mental thing?


Or do pain killers alter hand eye coordination?


He’s going to win. He’s had only 9 starts so far since returning.


That OWGR stat for Tiger is bad math. Yes his average would be 7.5389, but he’s only played recent events. Every other player has events from the past 2 years on there, and points for the older events decrease over time. So everyone else’s average is getting hurt by the older events.

For example DJ’s 2016 US Open win currently counts for 6.52 points, which is actually hurting his overall average right now.

Better comparison is Tiger is 34th in points earned in 2018, and you can probably bump him up to about 20-25th place on average if you account for number of tournament played (he’s played less than just about everyone). 20-25th seems about right for him.


Alcohol affects hand eye coordination too but I know a lot of people that play great golf while drunk. And purposely get drunk to chip and putt better. I just go back to that 4 iron bump and run he hit at Scottsdale on #17 from about 50 yards short of the green. There was no call for that shot. He was afraid of blading a wedge over the green in the water, but it was too far away for a putter. But he did overcome that amazingly.


Well he had the yips and has played some great golf and had he come back and showed the world the yips, it was all over for him. That my friend is playing under pressure, his career was on the line this entire comeback, still is to a smaller degree, and he’s almost in the tour championship. To me no other pressure could rival the entire spectrum of this possible last comeback, and he’s passed the test.


Tiger has said multiple times that he needs to work on his putting and that he only played Bermuda greens for a couple years while in rehab.

This is his biggest problem, without a doubt. He hasn’t putt for shit on anything other than Bermuda greens. He needs to work that out immediately. IMO, he shouldn’t be on the Ryder Cup team until he does. He’s going to embarrass himself in Paris if he doesn’t.


Fair - and by all over I assumed you meant playing days in front of public.

But this may be spicier than anything I’ve said! His career is on the line? We’re talking about a guy who after all we saw in 2015, people STILL drooled over what they saw at the Hero in 2016. He’s played the best stretch of golf ever to be played has records that amaze anyone and everyone and yet his career’s on the line? That’s hott!