Pro Tracer at the Driving Range

Hi everyone,

not sure if also relatively new in US, but here in the Netherlands it is: just found all driving range bays equipped with a Pro Tracer! It is at the Valley Course near Ermelo, in middle part of the country, and it is the first reversible golf course in Europe as well (9 holes, links like)

Great fun (besides the fact that it is useful), being able to see your shots and all key states, play some courses (“played” front nine Pebble and back nine St Andrews in 1 hour today :-).

Must be significant investment, but seems everybody here in my region of the Netherlands (and golfing audience obviously) is talking about this. Curious to see some pics of your driving ranges :slight_smile:

Take care, dear community, greetings from Holland



Cool. One of my local ranges here in Oslo, Norway have 80 bays with toptracers.

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I guess I need to move to Europe.

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I know this looks like fun. I know.
Data is great. Simulation is entertaining.

But this is sin. It is one step closer to golf hell.

When you die and get to golf heaven and an Angel named Ran sits at the Pearly Starter’s Shack, he will know. And in that moment you will know that the debt has been paid.


It sounds nice in theory but I can’t imagine this helping someone improve at golf.

Without the right person and experience to correctly interpret the data, looks like a blackhole of self-loathing.


The range at Carl’s Golfland in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan has a TrackMan range and MSU in East Lansing has a TopTracer range. Actually can be pretty useful.

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“You don’t hit it that far”

Basically, my experience at a simulator place.


I’m not sure I need to see a top tracer of my own swing unless I’m in a indoor bay hitting into a net.

I mean, I can literally see the ball flight in front of me.

Trackman/Flightscope numbers would be interesting but top tracer seems a bit overkill.

Second this. I live ~20 minutes from the Bloomfield Hills Carl’s and try to make it out there once a month to look at numbers. It gets a little quirky on shot over 200 yards but it’s sick for practicing with wedges.

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I’m also about 20 minutes from BH, in which direction are you?

Royal Oak by the zoo.

Nah it’s awesome. How many people complain it’s broken because their driver only goes 210?


They just added some of these at the local range. Had a 2-3 week period where they were free and we had some fun messing around with some of the games on there. But it’s $20 per hour to use them now and I don’t see much reason to spend that. I’d rather go get a twilight round at the course nearby.

If they had Trackman for a reasonable price, I would be IN. My local range added Toptracer a few months ago. I use it when I go in the morning because it’s free, but I’m under no illusions that it’s very accurate. It either sucks at tracking the ball or the ball compensation is overly aggressive. Not to mention when you hit driver, you get about 70 yards of roll.

As an aside: I think they had grand illusions of making a ton of money off of them and turning the range into a mini Topgolf, but when I go at 7:30pm and the range is completely packed, the bays with Toptracer are used like normal bays. The games and range aren’t good enough to make people want to pay $25 / hour. Retrofitting a range with Toptracer is a lot different than purpose building one with adequate target, greens, lighting, etc…

I’d love to see their financials EOY considering the Seattle City Council is already taking a close look at whether this range (and 3 other muni’s) are the best use of the land. If this bet doesn’t pay off, I’ll be concerned about its future.

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My home range (Stephens Golf Center in Burlington, KY) installed it this summer, and it really helped my game. I feel like the flat carry is almost dead on (which is the number that really matters) when hitting off mat and the variety of games it comes with really improved my practice habits.

It’s pretty affordable too. 20 bucks gets me enough balls for 2 hours of practice, and all the short game practice I can handle.

buddy works for TopTracer, and is traveling the US installing these at courses. seems to be growing, as he’s gone every week.