Possible Relocation to Charleston SC

Hey fellow NLU fans,
I live in Maryland with my girlfriend but we are looking to relocate down to Charleston hopefully this upcoming fall (2020). I work in the golf industry and wish to continue doing so after the move. I was wondering if anyone had experience working in the area to help me find a starting point when looking for a job.
We’re also spending this weekend (2/14/2020-2/17/2020) in Charleston, if anyone knows of places hiring I’d be happy to visit the course.
Thank you,

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Not sure about a course, but you’re required to stop at Rodney Scott BBQ any time you’re in Charleston. Good luck with the job hunt!


Unrelated, but if the golf industry job hunt doesn’t work out the contract packaging industry is bucking its head in Charleston. A lot of my competitors have started operations out there. PM me if interested.

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Not sure about currently hiring, but I’d recommend at least stopping in at Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant. Right down the road from one of my favourite (Canadian, eh?) seafood joints in Red’s Ice House and it does have some absolutely breathtaking views.

Also, its a hike, but Music Man BBQ in Moncks Corner is legit as well.

Now, I’m just reminiscing about my two years living there and I want to go back…

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My wife and I are heading to Charleston at the end of the month. This will be my first visit. Based on what our friends have told us, I expect we will leave wanting to move there.

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We took a cruise out of Charleston a couple years back and thats exactly what happened to us. Just took a couple years to get the ball rolling.

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I played Patriots Points this past summer. Fun place to be at. Thanks for the response!

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I grew up splitting time in Charleston. You can find just about any type of Southern community that you are looking for from downtown/active nightlife to Mayberry (Daniel Island). If I’m you, I go straight to Bulls Bay (1A) to seek out a job. Strantz private gem. 1B - go the CC of Charleston. NLU did a profile on this course last year before the Ladies US Open. 1C - Yeamans Hall would also be a great option. Those would be the top tier within a reasonable driving distance that come to mind. If you are willing to drive Cassique at Kiawah is a great option.

Otherwise, I’d agree with the Patriots Point opinion. You would put yourself close to the College of Charleston with access to IOP and downtown in your close vicinity.

Best of luck.


Thank you for your response. I remember seeing these courses in the light research I’ve done so far. Bulls Bay looks like an awesome place!
Thank you

Ah man. I only played Yeamans Hall once when I lived there, but I have such fond memories of that course.

Again, all this thread is doing is making me want to go back to Charleston.

On a related topic, we are going to a wedding in Charleston and I have been given the green light to have all day Friday to play golf (like actually all-day, sunrise to sunset). We will be staying around King Street but I am happy to drive somewhere (except Kiawah, I have no interest in playing there). Would like decent conditioning, interesting holes, not overly tight and at least 9 holes without houses on them.

Based on some other threads and some google earthing, The Links at Stono Ferry looks like the best nearby option. I am considering playing 36 just there unless there is a better option? Is it insane to drive to Caledonia/True Blue from Charleston and try to squeeze 36 out there? I will likely be playing by myself so it may not be worth it to drive all the way out to Pawley’s to play loner golf for like $370.

My company is going to an open floor plan, which means I am losing my office. That is not conducive to an effective work environment for legal work. If I could work remotely, I wouldn’t mind doing so from Charleston on a full-time basis.

You could also skirt over to Hilton Head…some other options there.

Maybe it’s cause I moved here from Orlando and got spoiled on all the affordable public golf it has to offer, but the scene here in Charleston is not great. Yeaman’s or CC of Charleston aren’t an option for plebs like me. Patriots point is ‘fine’ but really only because the last 4 or so holes are cool.

Yeamans usually has a summer membership that is supposed to be great.