Podcast titles

First world problems I know…

I’ve become addicted to listening to the podcasts while driving in my car (using Android Auto on my phone screen). The trouble is the titles look like the screenshot below so I have no idea of the contents of each and which one I want to listen to next.

Maybe consider (re)moving the “NLU Podcast” bit? It’s pretty redundant given I’ve had to choose the NLU folder to get to them?

Just my tuppence anywayz - Cheers for the great content either way!


Obviously a major YMMV post, but as an Apple Podcasts user this feedback has never come to mind…are you able to adjust the settings within the app for how it displays titles?

Regardless, listen to 'em all! Enjoy the surprise of figuring out what the episode is about haha

download overcast


If overcast is available on android I would second this suggestion. Made the leap from apple pods and its been great.

Will be updated when the new site hits. Can’t change them before that but it’s been on our radar for awhile.


Doesn’t seem like it is unfortunately

Thanks for the suggestions chaps. And great news it’s being considered in the next round of updates! It’s not the podcast app itself (Pocket Casts - which uses the regular phone font and can display/wrap the whole title) but Android Auto (which I guess is like Apple CarPlay) and increases the size of fonts/buttons/everything for clarity/pressibility(!?) whilst driving.

I think @pushdraw has the right idea though - I won’t worry about the titles and instead just listen to them all! :slight_smile:

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I use Stitcher for Android and the Stitcher Android Auto interface is great. I haven’t run into this issue.

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Thanks, will check it out right now.

Not doing much driving though atm for obvious reasons. Very jealous that you guys across the pond have some of your golf courses open - total shutdown here.

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tough scene, indeed. hopefully they’ll open again soon for you.