Pod Segments

I thoroughly enjoyed the segments on the Schwab Recap pod. Everyones rub of the green, hate to see it, etc was awesome!

I think some more segments would be really cool to expect each week, or when applicable. You can then watch a tournament or golf news and think about what will be on the segments.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


To be honest they missed a real opportunity for some choice brand activations

  • The City of Cleveland Tourism Department Cavalier with the Rules of the Week
  • The US Auto Industry Bailout of the Week
  • The Mitt Romney Hot Mic of the Week
  • The Mooooorgan Stanley Partner of the Week (for most egregious backstopping incident)
  • The Uncle Juice Got Away With It of the Week

I liked them a lot too. I hope this becomes a thing.

loved the course creation episode with max. One recommendation, if you ever do this again, upload to YT with the course flyovers for those of us without knowledge of all the courses. I understand this might be a little bit of an undertaking editing-wise but i figured i’d float the idea. @Soly @djpie. Great episode!

Ha, bit of an assumption that we have flyovers of all these PGA Tour courses! I don’t know if we even have a single one except maybe Colonial.

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My bad, I guess when you put it that way pretty insane ask ha. Portland 1, was great!