Playing in Cold Weather

Did a search and couldn’t find a thread that hit the topic I am trying to get at…apologies in advance if there is a thread close enough to this.

I am a San Diego golfer, whose version playing in cold weather is anytime that you can’t golf in only shorts and a polo. Anytime it gets below 60 degree’s, thats cold for us. The In Laws live in Northern California, and I get to play a lot when we visit. Summers are super warm, and winters are cold. Have been playing the last couple days, and have a question about playing in the cold, does it totally mess up your yardages? What is the cold weather doing to my distances?

I am plenty warmed up and warm in general. But I will hit a shot well (not talking about mishits), seriously feel like I flagged it, and it will end up 10-20 yards short. And then the next shot I hit, I am pin high. Looking for some advice on playing in the cold weather. Are there general rules about Cold weather golf that I am not aware of?

I usually play something like 3 yards carry distance loss per 10 degrees temperature drop?

So if I am playing in temps in the 30’s/40’s losing 10 yards makes sense compared to sunny San Diego weather in the 70’s.

The thing is that I don’t feel like it is on every approach shot. I will hit one the distance I want sometimes.

If you hit it real solid, you hit it real solid, y’know?

At least that. I typically follow a rule: Under 50 degrtees, go up a club. The key is good layers. If you have good-fitting layers and you’re not swinging in parka, you’ll do better.

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And good waterproof shoes. If your feet get wet, it makes for a miserable day.

Like the others have said, in winter, I’m 1.5 to 2 clubs extra from my summer distances (a change of 60ish degrees F).

Edit: 40ish degrees F. 70s to 30s.

Have very good layers. Not bulky at all. Compression layer, a thin filled vest, and a sweater. None of it bulky. That is important to me, hate having the feeling like you can’t swing normal.

The things you learn here on the refuge…how to get free stuff, and what to do in cold weather.

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also, how to cook a steak and choose a rug


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I’m from New Hampshire and I just typically club up.


I usually go 1 club down starting at 50*, another club at 40* and do on. The big thing is the golf ball getting cold and harder. I will put 2 of those instant 8hr hand warmers in each pocket, then switch ball back and forth hole to hole. It allows ball to stay warm and softer. Ball flight and distance will be much more consistent.

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A few factors
Clothing… Past a certain point your swing gets restricted.

The Ball… Very unscientific and small n… Bridgestones seem to lose less than ProVs when its cold. I noticed this last year and several guys in my group have bought into it.

Roll… cold and dry… lots of roll Cold and wet… no roll… Cold hard greens are tough

That is illegal to warm up your ball. I wouldn’t do that.

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Compression factors probably different

I always walk when it’s cold as well. Riding around in an open cart in the 40s is miserable. After 2-3 holes walking you are good for the rest of the round.

Agreed. Way easier to stay dry walking. Electric trolley also useful to keep your hands free for the umbrella.

There was an article years ago comparing compression on balls at various temps. Basically said if your driver SS is <100mph then ‘premium’ balls will likely cost you distance Under 12c (53F). When it’s super cold you supposedly start using a much softer ball and you can maintain distances, or at least not lose as much. Another tip was to keep using premium but to rotate balls and keep one in your pocket next to a hand warmer.

Hitting a prov in freezing temps is horrible.

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There was a TXG video recently where they compared balls at 90 degrees and near freezing. Surprisingly the colder balls went further.

Yes, but that’s without the air density being different.