Playing Bandon Dunes


Eat the meatloaf. That’s just a no brainer.


If I was to do it again for the first time, I’d recommend to myself to take a moment and take in all the sights and smells more often. I was struggling with my irons for a bit and forgot where I was. It’s such a remarkable piece of property. Make sure to have a couple meals at McKee’s and play a lot of bump n runs. Have fun!


Wow. Free golf at Bandon. Pretty nice. There is supposed to be a flight now from Denver that could make it easier. going to Portland on way out there is ok, it is a nice drive but the return to the east coast is BRUTAL! you end up having to leave at 2-4am to make a flight that will get you back before evening and many times there is only one a day that will suit you. Having said that, you can also fly into Eugene. It is only about 2.5 hours and play Eugene CC! it is awesome! a top 100 where the NCAAs were held recently. Good luck.


temps are pretty stable but weather can change. take a rain suit–a good one, not a “water resistant” jacket. take layers as well. we went in November and played one day on short sleeves in the afternoon with little wind and the next in a driving rain storm in the high 40s! my favorite food item is the fried oysters–they are terrific! Been to Bandon 4 times and dont get tired of it. you’ll have a great time and come home sore and exhausted!


I agree with Colt. Eugene cuts the commute down if you dont fly into North Bend and you can play Eugene CC. It is awesome! top 100 and NCAAs were there 2 years ago.


I’ll be there one week from today. Feb 8-12.

Playing all four courses once (each morning round) and then picking and choosing our afternoon rounds based on what we enjoyed the most.

Sounds like i need to order the meatloaf for dinner and drink a bunch of beer at McKee’s.

I’m so stoked. This thread needs to get prepared for a lot of pics next week.


Definitely looking forward to your pictures and recap. If you wouldn’t mind sharing some thoughts and impressions on the experience it would be a big help for my group in April. None of us have been before, and I am a bit reticent to miss out on some seasoned vet knowledge.

Fingers crossed you get good weather!


Agree with what was said about playing golf - play 36 every day. We went for 4 days, had one 18 only “rest day” scheduled and filled it with 18 after the first day. Play scrambles in the afternoon if you want, but play. It is hard to get too, but once you are there is it magic.

As far as which course, I think the answer is all…8 man trip, all four courses received at least one first place vote in the final poll.

Highly recommend caddies, and our guy Matt Mcmanaway was incredible. Ask for him.


Was there this past fall with my old man-while Trails is a really good course, it doesn’t have the same Bandon vibe as the other 3 courses. I loved old mac, but it was really calm when I played it. If its windy, I was told its a whole different beast, something to keep in mind


Make sure you have good shoes/socks and don’t try to break in new ones there.

Carve out a couple hours on at least 2 different days for the Punch Bowl. We only had time for 1 session and its my only regret from our 4 day trip.

I had a great pasta dish at McKee’s pub which was my personal favorite dinner spot. All the dining options were solid and more reasonably priced than your typical resort. The famous meatloaf was also a hit with our group. Next time I will vote for just eating at McKee’s every night. Perfect casual vibe with hearty fare you will be craving after enjoying the walk every day.

I started every morning with a quick breakfast at Pacific Grill in the Pacific Dunes clubhouse, then headed over to the range followed by a quick spin around Shorty’s (free 9 hole par 3 adjacent to practice area.) Some of my buddies would sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast at the Buffet in the main lodge but I never bothered and was always ready for golf at the first hint of daylight.

Make sure you have time to browse all the swag in the various shops if you are hoping to go home with some gear. We left this for the last minute between our final round and check-out and it was a bit rushed.


2 pairs of comfy golf shoes. 2x as many pairs of socks as you think. Don’t sleep on the preserve. Beach hike from preserve/trails is a great break from golf (but who needs that?).


I drove from Eugene. My son was at college there. 2 hour and 45 minute drive. Tough drive back after 36 holes.


Anyone played in the links championship before?


Great posts guys! I’m headed to Bandon from MN April 25-29 with tee times at all courses. From the sounds of it, I’m glad we’re driving in from Eugene. Any thoughts on caddies for the group vs individual caddies? Also, has anyone been there late April to speak about weather? Assuming pants and long sleeves in the morning with the possibility of shorts and short sleeves if the sun pops.


I have done all the options from Chicago. I have been doing the yearly trip for the last 8 years.

Chicago to Portland - 5 hour drive down to bandon
Chicago to Eugene - 3 hour drive to bandon

The best way is to fly to SFO and then to North Bend. You can order a shuttle bus to the resort. Or rent a car. The shuttle is super easy… you will find that you don’t need a car. Everything is at the resort…

Good luck and enjoy.


Individual caddie… they double bag.

Weather gear. April: you will not want to wear shorts… I assume you are tough being from MN… but still you will thank me. The key no matter what time of year… layers, layers, and more layers…


Leaving tonight to fly to SFO to start the Bandon trip. Staying overnight in SF with a friend from there that is also going on the trip. Meeting two guys (@JohnnyBoy) from Texas at SFO in the morning and then we are all flying into North Bend. Getting the shuttle to the resort. Playing Preserve and the Punchbowl tomorrow afternoon when we get there. Friday is Old Macdonald, Saturday is Trails, Sunday is Pacific Dunes, and Monday is Bandon. Hope to add in afternoon rounds Friday-Sunday once we get there. Should have lots of pictures soon!


I have a bachelor party in Portland July 27-29 and I am considering going out early and hitting Bandon. My thought would be to fly in early Wednesday then drive to Bandon. Low key first afternoon hitting the Punchbowl, practice area, maybe par 3. Then play Pacific and Bandon on Thursday, Old Mac Friday morning, then drive back to Portland Friday afternoon/night.

Worth it?


Anyone have any caddy suggestions? Look forward to seeing and hearing any pictures or trip reports here.


Yes, but you need to play Trails as well.