Playing Bandon Dunes


Have a pretty solid offer of free golf/rooms at Bandon whenever I want this summer, but getting there seems really difficult from any city. Has anyone been there before/have a recommendation of getting there from the east coast?


With that offer just get there anyway you can!
United has East Coast -Denver - North Bend flights.


What @RTBritt13 said. Think there’s a flight twice weekly from Denver (wanna say Weds and Sundays) and daily flights from SFO. It’s also about a 4 hour (gorgeous) drive from Portland. If rooms and golf are covered the travel is an afterthought. Get it done!


If you have time, fly into Portland and drive down the coast. Play Gearhart and Seaside, maybe stay a night somewhere, then drive to Bandon. Make a trip out of it!


Definitely fly into Portland if you have a choice. PDX is the best airport in the country IMO and the drive from Portland to Bandon is beautiful.


Well boys I’m flying into PDX to go down to Bandon in April. Let me know what we need to hit up on the way down.


If you drive direct from PDX it’s going to be close to 5 hours, down I-5 then West to the coast. If you have a day or two there are some cool courses along the coast and you could drive 101 all the way to Bandon. Gerhart, Astoria CC, Salishan, Sandpines.

Honestly, I’d get to Bandon as fast as I could. Plenty to do once you get there and it isn’t a place you are likely to get back to on accident. Back when there was only a course or two at Bandon a lot of guys would drive to Sandpines in Florence and play there before heading to Bandon but now I don’t see the need. Between the Preserve, Punchbowl, Shorty’s and possibly the Sheep Ranch you can make a full day never playing one of the full courses there.


Fly from the east coast to Vancouver BC, pick me up then we can fly in to the small Bandon airport. Easy.


I am taking a buddy trip to Bandon in about one week. We have tee times to play each course but does anyone have any advice for packing or time management once we get there?

Is there anything that I just ‘gotta do’ or ‘gotta eat’ when I am there?

Looking for any and all advice!!

(for the record, I am flying from DFW to San Fran and then taking the short flight from SFO to Bandon)


Hope this isn’t too forward of me, but how did you get an offer for free golf/room at Bandon? If you need a 4th, I’ll figure out a way to fit it into my schedule :wink:


My advice is to play as much golf as you can. I thought the food on site was excellent when I went. I really don’t see a need to ever leave the resort while you’re there because there’s such a cool vibe there.


Be as forward as you’d like. Without saying too much, (not sure how much I can divulge) a family member of mine has a good relationship with one of the course designers.


Play as much as you can. The second round of the day is half price and the third is free. When we went we played 49 holes every day (ending with a free round at the Preserve). There isn’t much else to do, so get plenty of golf in.



awesome man. Thanks. We plan on doing just that. Looking forward to it.

Did you have a favorite course?


Pacific Dunes was my favorite, but all 5 courses are amazing. I’d split 10 courses:

  • 4 at Pacific Dunes
  • 2 at Bandon Dunes
  • 2 at Bandon Trails
  • 2 at Old Mac


How many do you have in your group? I’ll be out there on a buddies trip next week as well. Maybe we’ll run into you at the Preserve or Punchbowl.


When are you @ bandon? I am there from Friday Apr 13th-Tuesday 17th. We’re flying into Eugene as it’s only a 2.5hr drive down as opposed to the Portland distance.


Honestly, the food on site is excellent. It’s a pretty isolated place to begin with. Not really a whole lot to do in the area. Sticking with golf and hanging out in the clubhouse areas is a great way to go. Those two activities will provide you with more than enough enjoyment.


Going to be there right after you. April 21-25. Seems like a long haul from Portland but luckily our shuttle has beer for the ride.


I’m going in August for the first time. Anyone have any intel on if Sheep Ranch will still be kickin by that point?