Playing at Private Courses


you’re telling me you get two more members and your monthly dues disappear and you play for free from then on? I’m not buying it.




This has to reset annually or something, right?


That’s what I thought but there’s a limit. I’m at the limit. I was hoping to get a few more and get paid to play but that’s not the case.


It’s good for 15 months from the time the new member joins.


Still awesome!


Worked at one briefly so I’ll chime in to add some things, though the culture at this club may not be indicative of experiences elsewhere. The staff are just genuinely more friendly (member facing ones, at least). The club I worked at had a no-tipping policy but I got paid pretty well for cleaning clubs, carts, etc. The staff just want you to not have to worry about anything. Making sure everything is stocked at all times, clubs clean before and after the round, friendly conversation, and other little things that make your life easier (I once made a house call to pick up a member’s clubs to have them shipped to FL for the winter b/c they forgot them before their flight out of MN). Because the play is a little more limited than a public, the staff don’t get burned out trying to be nice to 500 people a day that they don’t know.

The course is usually well conditioned and rarely crowded (by public standards). But golf is still golf. Just have fun. I would echo asking about the caddie situation prior to playing as every place is different. Given it was a no tip club, there was to be no cash exchanged with caddies/staff on the property so the member would fill out a card with whatever the tip was going to be (along with any notes to the caddymaster about the performance of the caddy) and the shop would tip the caddy that way and add the cost to the member account. Also, if you’re playing an unaccompanied round that is being comped in one way or another, it’s nice to at least stop in the golf shop and shoot the breeze for a bit and thank them for having you out. You would think that would be common sense but we would occasionally have people just walk up to the first tee without talking to anyone.