Plant-based entrées?

This is the best. Vegan deserts are my favorite deserts. If anyone knows that avocado chocolate pudding trick get in here.

@Even_Parker, let’s go.

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Yes because he’s never eaten a fucking salad before. It’s not like you have to only eat vegetarian to have something meat less every once in a while.

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We do tofu chocolate mousse super easy, no dairy and yeah it’s good man

Silken tofu
Melted dark chocolate chips
Almond extract (just a touch)
Maple syrup for sweetness (think we use a 1/4 cup)

Whip the crap out of it in the blender and then pour into containers and chill for 2+ hours.

Assume it would work with avocado but haven’t tried it

Top with strawberries / fruit


I’ve been dairy free for a good few years, long before making the switch to vegan and have tried pretty much all nut-based alternatives. Cashew milk and cheese has tended to be the “creamiest” in my opinion.

Think I’m going to try this recipe this week actually, cheers!

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Share away. This is a perfect thread for that.

I’m not a vegan or vegetarian, I just don’t want to eat meat every meal as a default. There are so many other healthy and good tasting options out there.

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You and @Joezwickl are really taking a gif awfully seriously

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common veggie cooking misconceptions? I think we previously talked about people overcooking them and making them mushy

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just Get out of here. We all know you are just here to start shit.


Is your vegan choice based on ethical or nutritional beliefs?

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I guess you could say a bit of both. I don’t have any problems whatsoever with people who choose to eat meat, but it began to nag at me in my mind. I started feeling guilty and I couldn’t tell you why, it just started happening toward the end of college.
From a nutritional standpoint, I made the switch with a hope of healing my body. I battled tendinitis constantly from 17-24 in both my knees and ankles from playing soccer, my knees would hurt all the time. My step-grandfather talked to me about switching to a vegan diet to see if it helped. A couple years later I tried it. This is just me, but I don’t have any pain in my knees and ankles anymore. I still play soccer at least once a week, probably run 15-20 miles a week, and walk/run 36 holes a week - I rarely have joint pain. I sleep better than ever, I have more energy, and perhaps most importantly, my mental health has never been better.


Been mostly vegan for about 9 years and my wife started a plant based meal delivery/consultation service so I have a ton of recipes to share! I’ll start with this amazing nacho cheese sauce with carrots and potatoes she makes. I’ll post the recipe sometime tomorrow!


Pumped someone started this. My wife is full vegan and is the chef/grocery shopper in our house. So I am vegan unless we are eating out/carryout. I’ll have to get some of her recipes that are my favs. Off the top of my head she makes a really good baked mac and cheese, lasagna, pizza from scratch and some really good desserts. I’m big in to any form of beyond meat right now especially the new hot Italian sausages. She also just got the pre made Just Egg from Whole Foods that I might try in the morning.

Edit: also adding her General Tso’s tofu, tofu scramble and BBQ jackfruit to my list of favs


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I’ll get ya the recipe tomorrow!


Love this thread!! My gf and I went plant based at the beginning of the year.
We absolutely love it. I feel better than ever: more energy, mental clarity, weight loss, better sleep.
She hasn’t had an ounce of animal products in five months (kudos to her) but I’m about 85/15 plant based to not.

Here are some pics of meals we have made:



If anyone is looking for inspiration, this site is good for interesting vegetarian dishes:

Ottolenghi is worth a look too:

My wife is plant-based.

Here’s her chocolate chip banana bread she made tonight. Turned out pretty good.

image|640x480, 75%,rotate


Tofu pad thai the wife made tonight. Excuse my bad plating and picture quality lol


The tofu looks like brown sugar cubes :wink:

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Fried em up real nice