Plant-based entrées?

What are you all cooking or preparing on the plant-based side that excites you?

Please share any recipes and pictures you’ve got.


Look up Colu Henry’s roasted tomato and white bean stew from the NY Times cooking. We’ve made it several times and it’s fantastic. If you can’t find a recipe that’s not being a paywall, send me a message

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Wife and I do this one often and tastes great and is filling. You can do it without the pancetta which we normally don’t use. Once in a while may do some chicken sausage instead

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Yes someone created the thread!


Haven’t followed too many recipes but for the past 10 months I have eaten a vegan diet (except when I went home to England - fish & chips was too good to pass up). I’ve typically taken meals I used to cook and replaced the meat with mushrooms or a meat-alternative - e.g. fajitas with portabello mushrooms instead of chicken, Beyond burgers and their products have been great for me also.
My wife has gone along with me for the most part, but will still occasionally eat tuna, chicken, or turkey. I’ve used SunBasket a few times, and some of their meals/recipes have been tremendous.

I’ll be posting some stuff in a day or 2.


Looking forward to it.

Staple for us this time of year are grilled vegetables, mostly zucchini squash, onions, mushrooms, and peppers with some more texture and then using those in tacos, enchiladas, and salads. Just a little high heat oil, salt and maybe some espazote / thyme some really great flavor, especially pairs with fresh salsa once tomatoes come in. You can do a bunch and then refrigerate for easy access over a few days.

Even better if you make some homemade green enchilada sauce, which is easy easier than many think.


Also, beans! If the pandemic rush has calmed down, check out Rancho Gordo beans - dried beans but amazingly fresh (best when stored in the fridge) and then here is what we have learned from a friend in the food business - you have to soak overnight at a minimum, and then when you cool them, adding far is essential (high quality oil or butter) and salt, to the point where you want to drink the broth. That is what’s going to give them flavor, and we eat them with the broth, and pour the warm beans and broth over some kale / hearty greens, and top with a bit more olive oil, sherry vinegar and some spring garlic and that is a great meal (just might want to take a nap after…)

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These are really versatile and beautiful to cook with

Throw a little balsamic on those veggies too


Not a specific recipe, but you can dehydrate tofu and then rehydrate with a marinade to give it just about any flavor you want and then grill or pan fry it to crisp it up.


And I’m about to dig into a combo of the above, served over some greens


Yay for the plant based thread!!

What about straight up vegetarian dishes/ to share here too (Like no meat, but uses perhaps eggs, dairy, etc…) or shall I keep those over in the normal what’s cooking thread.


I’ve made this delicious stuffed spaghetti squash a few times lately. Really easy to sub in or out certain items in the filling and add/remove cheese if you want to make it vegan.
Something along these lines should get you started:

*Note I can not endorse Cashew cheese as I’m deathly allergic, I stick to good ole mozzarella



I’m in for this. I made the move to vegetarian about to months ago with the goal to go vegan at some point. Tomorrow is farmers market day so tomorrow night I should have some stuff up.


Nice! I’ve been meaning to use more squash. Also, I really like a chickpea shepherds pie from that same website.


Well that didn’t take long.


I’m also sure I called this idiot would be in this thread last night during trivia.