Pinehurst Trips


You should skip Dugan’s for dinner and go to the Pinecrest Inn. Their food is great whereas Dugan’s is fine but just bar food. Can always head over to Dugan’s for drinks afterwards. They usually have some kind of live music at night.


You have to do Mid Pines or Pine Needles, but if you’re only playing 3 on this list I’d only do one of those. They’re essentially the same kind of track. I like MP better. After that I’d recommend Tobacco Road and Dormie.


Heading to Pinehurst this week for the first time with Midpines, 2, 7, 8, 9 & Cradle on the agenda. Have time for one more round with the option of either Dormie or CCNC’s Dogwood course. Any input on the two would be appreciated.




Just got back from Pinehurst, I have never played CCNC so I can’t speak to that, I’ve heard it’s nice. I played Dormie Club yesterday and absolutely loved it. The property they have is incredible and the course is great. Was our favorite course all weekend pretty unanimously. We didn’t play any resort courses but did play talamore, tobacco road, pine needles, and dormie. Talamore a step below the others for sure and Dormie I’d rank as #1.


Dormie, book it