Pinehurst Trips


You should skip Dugan’s for dinner and go to the Pinecrest Inn. Their food is great whereas Dugan’s is fine but just bar food. Can always head over to Dugan’s for drinks afterwards. They usually have some kind of live music at night.


You have to do Mid Pines or Pine Needles, but if you’re only playing 3 on this list I’d only do one of those. They’re essentially the same kind of track. I like MP better. After that I’d recommend Tobacco Road and Dormie.


Heading to Pinehurst this week for the first time with Midpines, 2, 7, 8, 9 & Cradle on the agenda. Have time for one more round with the option of either Dormie or CCNC’s Dogwood course. Any input on the two would be appreciated.




Just got back from Pinehurst, I have never played CCNC so I can’t speak to that, I’ve heard it’s nice. I played Dormie Club yesterday and absolutely loved it. The property they have is incredible and the course is great. Was our favorite course all weekend pretty unanimously. We didn’t play any resort courses but did play talamore, tobacco road, pine needles, and dormie. Talamore a step below the others for sure and Dormie I’d rank as #1.


Dormie, book it


Dormie, may be private next time you get there.


So just got a work trip booked for RDU next week. Will be able to bring my sticks since I have a rental. I have one open afternoon (~7 hours) where I think I can get to either Tobacco or Dormie for 1 round. Absolutely willing to do the drive.

Reading this thread it sounds like not doing Dormie is criminal, am I correct? Is this a caddy only course?


Haven’t played Dormie, but I did play Tobacco twice last weekend on a great deal I got ($190 including two rounds and a night in a nearby holiday inn - if you’re looking for a quick two day trip call the pro shop and they will hook you up).

Pros: The land. Starting on the first hole, there are two mini mountains on either side of the fairway giving you the illusion of a narrow fairway, but the fairway is actually quite wide. The theme of wide fairways continues throughout the course. Loved the waste areas as the sand was firm, you get good lies, and you can drive your cart through them. Also loved the number of scoring chances you get as there are many short par 4s and short par 5s. Great greens…very interesting shapes. Some are deep and narrow and some are wide and very shallow. Greens were a little slow as it looks like they aerated a month ago and are being conservative with mowing. You can be aggressive with putts. Course was in perfect shape. Download the Tobacco Road app and look at the flyovers of each hole when you’re on the tee otherwise you will have no idea where to hit it on some tees.

Cons: Tobacco Road is awesome but it is pretty much unwalkable as there are a few huge distances between greens and tees. That deal I mentioned included a cart. I usually like to walk courses though. I like a course with length variability and this course didn’t have any holes in the 180-220 range (no long par 3s) and no holes in the 440-480 range (no long par 4s). This was from the back tees which are less than 6600. Lots of holes with similar lengths. Way more good things than bad things to say about it. would definitely play it again.


I’ve heard great things about both, but Dormie is the pick. It will be going private soon (2020 I heard). If you’re not frequently in the area, play it ASAP, and save Tobacco Road for the next time you’re in NC.


You definitely wont go wrong with either. They are completely different courses so just kinda do some research and decide which one you want to play. Dormie going private soon potentially definitely should weigh in on the decision.

If I had one round, I’d go Dormie. But I absolutely loved Tobacco Road also, never played anything like it.


Thanks everyone, sounds pretty much like what I thought. I love both styles of golf, target golf can get really fun if you’re into it, but I’ve also not played a C&C yet and really love the vibe I get from Dormie. I think I’ll do that if I can swing the drive to catch my evening flight!

Will update you all on my experience either way!

EDIT: High Noon on Dormie’s 1st tee … so stoked.


Did you play Dormie? How was it?


I actually didn’t! Forecast looked awful with too much rain, so I opted out and will try again soon. Work will bring me down there more…


Sorry to hear that, we’ve had so much rain in the Carolina’s this summer, been brutal.


Hi All, we got back from our first trip to Pinehurst a couple of weeks ago. My overall thoughts:

The Cradle and the putting course are awesome. They’re both new from what I understand but I can’t imagine that place without them. The bar on the Cradle and the music blaring from the hidden speakers disguised as rocks means automatic good time.

#2: Great course. Unfort (or maybe fortunately) the greens had been punched and were a bit sandy and slow so we didn’t get the full #2 treatment. The 4/5 part of the property are awesome. Playing in on 18 with a porch full of lubed up people ready to cheer, or heckle, your every move was fun.

#8: Very good course. Greens were difficult and slick. Pretty private as didn’t notice many (any?) houses on it as we saw on #9. Short drive from resort.

#9: Fun track and I played it better than 8 but if I’m being objective 8 is better. This is about a 5-10 minute drive from the resort.

Pine Needles: Pretty good but didn’t really grab me. Wouldn’t mind seeing it again someday.

Tobacco Road: The most fun I’ve had on a golf course, maybe ever. Strantz makes you think on almost every shot which I love. It’s the opposite of the god awful, long, monotonous parkland layouts lined with trees which force you to grab driver off of every tee and hope you hit it straight. Tons of great risk/reward options. Yes, lots of blind shots but if you grab their yardage book or use Arccos, very manageable. Most landing areas in fairways are MASSIVE, which you can’t tell from the tee box.

Excited to go back to play 2, 8, Tobacco Road again, and see 4, Dormie and Mid-Pines.


Anybody know what the rack rate is gonna be to play No. 4 this fall?


It was $250 prior to the re-design. I’d guess in the $300 to $350 range. I doubt they’d put it on the #2 price range, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if it hung around that area, especially if it’s playing as good as it looks


To close the loop on the No. 4 issue: the rack rate for non-resort guests in November will be $270.


So I just got back from Pinehurst played (#2, #3, #5), Pine Needles, Mid pines and Southern Pines. After that religious experience, I’ve decided to fly in a few days early for a Charleston wedding I’m attending in late October and do it all over again.

If you had 4 golf days and want to mix in the next round of courses where would you go? I’m thinking Dormie Club, Tobacco Road and am not sure about the next two (Not sure I’ll be able to get on #4 this late in the game).