Pinehurst Trips


Thanks for the advice, I play to about an 8 usually, tees don’t matter to me too much, so if everyone wants the whites I’ll do it. If they want to be punished, then i’ll take the punishment from the blues!


Pinehurst is a bit out of the way and a pretty sleepy area.

Its all about the golf, you’ll have to really go out of your way to stay up past 11 and have a raucous time.


Outside the obvious favorites (No. 2, No. 4, and No. 8), can anybody rank the Resort courses? No. 1 and No. 3 look cool, and I recall Soly and Randy saying on the Pinehurst pod that they had a good time on No. 7. Anybody got any further insight, either into those courses or the others?


I would put 1, 3, and 5 together. They are similar, but one of them is shorter. I can’t remember which. They’re all fun and worth a round. Agree on 7 being fun, it’s a little different than the others. 6 is last for me. Honestly can’t remember much about it. I don’t really include 9 because it was another course they just purchased. Still fun though.


3 is the short one


No 1 is short on the card but does not play that short. No 3 is short but redone. No 5 is a typical Ellis Maples course and very solid. The redone Hole no 1 is no one’s favorite it seems.
No 6 has issues with the tenth hole. Otherwise I have always liked it. No 7 is fine, but not my favorite. No 8 is the best of the lot. No 9 is the old Pinehurst National-typical Jack Nicklaus- very difficult.
No 2 is of course the best but not for everyone! It is a riot to play once but everyday it would cause you to check into an asylum. When 4 gets done it may be the best of the lot.
In my opinion playing 1 and 3 and 7 not really anything special. I like 5 but we play it a lot in events so used to it.


Where should I play if I’m going to add in an early round Friday afternoon before most of my group gets there? Mid pines, pine needles, and dormie are all unavailable. I need a place that doesn’t require you to be staying there or part of a package, just an individual tee time. Any suggestions?


If you don’t mind playing Tobacco Road twice on the trip then I recommend it. You would also have a big advantage over your group because it is most definitely a course you learn a ton after you play it once. If you want to stay local in PH Mid South or Pinewild are decent options.


If you don’t want to do Tobacco Road twice, then I can offer this. Of the ones I have played, I would recommend the following. Keep in mind it has been a few years on some so no guarantee on conditions. Anderson Creek, Mid South, Pinehurst #8, Southern Pines.



I’d echo Anderson Creek, #8, and Southern Pines.

Anderson Creek can be a beast from the tips if you catch it on a wetter day, but I’d call it a fairly typical DLIII course. Good not great but worth playing (especially if you can find a deal…we found one only when we played their last October).

If you care about golf course architecture at all, then Southern Pines is a great value. Another Donald Ross course in the area that has great terrain and typical solid Ross routing. The course itself isn’t in as good as shape as Mid Pines or Pine Needles but still worth it for what you’ll probably be paying ($40-60, just a guess).


Anyone signed up for the Golfers Journal event at Pinehurst?


I’ve been contemplating signing up for the past few days just haven’t pulled the trigger. Seems like a good deal. Talk me in to it people.


I signed up. Playing the round on Thursday and staying that night. Looks like there is a complimentary round on the Cradle (not sure exactly when) so going to take advantage of that as well. Sounds like a cool event.


We are going to hit Pinehurst for 2 nights/3 rounds prior to Monday practice round at Augusta. Out of the 5 courses below, which 3 should we plan to play? I have them ordered in my tentative ranking as of right now…

Mid Pines
Pine Needles
Dormie Club
Southern Pines
Tobacco Road


Never played Southern Pines, but I would rank those in the following order:

Tobacco Road

I love Dormie. And deciding between MP or PN is like asking which child do you love the most. I think they are both “must plays.”

TR is so much fun but it attracts so many haters. I am not a fan of 13, at all, but I still would go back b/c the 17 other holes were a blast. That said, it doesnt overtake the others listed above it, IMHO


headed there end of august itinerary
#2 / cradle
PIne needles / mid pines
Dormie Club
Tobacco Road.
One night at carolina hotel then rented a big house for the group. any thoughts on getting around to and from courses? shuttles? Ubers around? Just rent a few cars? mostly guys are flying in but will have a couple cars from guys driving in from richmond and atlanta but not enough for everyone. Any cant miss bars/restaurants? Thoughts on the southern pines brewery?


Heading there tomorrow.

@JBors, if it was me I’d play Dormie, Tobacco Road, and Mid Pines. Dormie - Coore & Crenshaw, fun track. Looking to get a few more shots at it this time around. TR - Some people may hate it, but I love it. I love Mike Strantz work. It’s a great combination of architecture and art in my opinion. There is strategy to it (need to be on the right sides of some fairways for the best angle), but it is a lot of target golf. Mid Pines - Pine Needles is probably a better championship test, but I enjoy Mid-Pines a little more. It’s an easy walk, good strategy, and a pretty fun round.

@mjstevens - Admittedly, I’m a bit of a beer snob. While nothing has blown me away, the beer has been well made. No noticeable flaws. Haven’t been to the brewery itself (just had their beer other places while I was there), so I can’t speak to that experience.


Uber is available. Also other transportation companies.


I also have never played Southern Pines, but I would rank them exactly like @WipeyFade. MP/PN are right next to each other so there’s no reason not to play them in the same day. If you do that I would recommend eating lunch at PN, we seemed to like it better. I also agree Tobacco Road is a love/hate, but you would regret not playing it at least once since you are there to make your own informed decision.

Couple of notes:

  • Walk Dormie with a caddie

  • Have at least a fore caddie if you play Tobacco Road

@mjstevens go visit Dugan’s Pub, cool little place. At Mid Pines (at least last time we were there) they have Red Oak Brewery beer on tap. You can only get their beer in NC and they only brew unfiltered, unpasteurized Bavarian Style lagers (i.e. purity law beer).

Pinehurst is by far our group’s favorite destination, ENJOY!!


Going Friday

Friday-Talamore (little warm up round with just 1 other from our group
Want to get on the Cradle with the others getting in town around 6:30 pm or so, we will see if its available
Sat am-Tobacco Road with a forecaddie
Sat pm- Pine needles
Sun am-try to get on the cradle again
Sun lunch time- dormie club

Plan to eat at Dugans one night, not sure of the other night. Definitely want to hit up the deuce for some drinks, hopefully we survive two rounds in pinehurst on saturday in the summer. Anything else I need to know or should be doing let me know.

Cant wait.