Pinehurst Trips


I’ve been going to Pinehurst every year since 2000 now. Made it down there a few times last year. Special place. All the Pinehurst resort courses are good. If you’re playing there and are playing #2, here’s what I would recommend…

  1. Warm up with a round on #1 or #3 first. Short courses, relatively, but good courses to get prepared for #2.
  2. Play the new 9 hole short course, The Cradle. Very cool layout and a lot of fun.
  3. Play #2. Take a caddie.
  4. #4 is my favorite course after #2 but that’s being renovated by Gil Hanse until October. Check out #8. Away from the main clubhouse but it was their “centennial” course designed by Tom Fazio. Really good course.

Off resort, my favorites courses are:

  1. Dormie Club
  2. Tobacco Road
  3. Mid Pines
  4. Talamore
  5. Mid South

Dinner, check out…

  1. The Deuce…relatively new restaurant/bar in the main clubhouse. Indoor and outdoor seating right behind the 18th green of #2. Buffalo wing sliders and their Old Fashioned are awesome.
  2. The Ryder Cup lounge at the Carolina Hotel.
  3. The Taven at the Holly Inn.
  4. The PInecrest Inn…their pork chop is money. Plus they have a great indoor chipping game good for some betting.
  5. Dugans Pub (in the village)
  6. Theo’s Taverna (in the village)
  7. And if you just want pizza, there’s a great pizza joint called Vito’s down Highway 5 beside the Food Lion.

Have a great time.


I played Tobacco Road and Southern Pines last week. TR was certainly as advertised- insane layout with a great deal of blind shots, intimidating looks off the tee, etc… I would highly recommend the course, it is really unique and a pretty good value compared to some of the other courses in the area (I paid $60). The pic below is a good example of one of the more demure blind shots. This is your 3rd shot looking into the 12th (par 5). The second shot (to this area) is literally 100% blind. You definitely need arcos or some sort of GPS app to play the course.

Southern Pines isn’t on the same level as the other courses, but it is a really solid budget play. The course was in better shape than I expected and the layout is really fun.



Never been, but heading out there with a group of guys in a couple of weeks. Appreciate all the tips, and will hopefully have some of my own to share when I’m back!


Went on a trip there last year. Played Pine Needles on Thursday, No. 8 on Friday, No’s 4 & 9 on Saturday, and No. 2 on Sunday morning.

We were toast by No. 2, so if you’re going to play the Pinehurst resort courses, I’d try to get No. 2 in earlier in the trip…second day would’ve been ideal.

And you gotta find some time to play Thistle Dhu. it’s a putting course right at the main complex - had a blast and had some dollars change hands.


Heading through there on a last minute pit stop for a work trip next week. Planning on playing Mid Pines right now and maybe try and swing another course if time permitting.

Not sure if I will play at Pinehurst Resort but at least going to go and check it out as I have never been. Beer at the bar on the 18th hole is on the list, anybody else got any recommendations for cool things to check out around the resort? Does anyone know if the Thistle Dhu putting course is open to the public?


Make sure you stop by the Pine Crest Inn. That’s a must in Pinehurst


Tobacco Road is really enhanced by a forecaddie. Not a huge expense if you’ve got a 4some and makes it much more fun if you’ve never been there. Probably need to get the carts updated with GPS.


group is between a couple options:

Option A) Tobacco Road, Dormie, and whispering pines Country club. Includes 2 nights at best western, but can upgrade to pinehurst condo for just 10 more bucks a night
Option B) Tobacco Road, #8, #9 Includes 2 nights at the Manor inn

Option B is about twice as expensive. Group would have some pretty decent guys (8-12 handicaps) with a few guys who are 20+.

Group is about split between the two options, is one way better than the other? Is option B worth the money over A? They are both packages I just want the pros and cons of each from someone who knows a decent bit about Pinehurst.


I can’t speak to the Pinehurst courses. You should definitely do the condos if you do option A. Not sure how many people you have, but they will be more comfortable than a hotel and within walking distance to the Village, #2 clubhouse, etc. We stayed there and just walked the 10 minutes along a course into the Village and it makes all the difference. Grab a drink at #2 in the early evening then walk over and grab a burger in town.


From a pure price standpoint in Option B you are paying for #8 and the Manor Inn. I don’t view that trip as 2x as good unless you really value hotels and playing #8. Haven’t played Whispering Pines, but Dormie is just as good as #8 and some would say better. For best value I would do A and upgrade to the condo. Happy to answer anymore questions. Worked the junior camps in college for two summers and love the place.


Definitely do not care about the accommodations all that much, care a lot more about the golf. We would definitely upgrade to the condo. I was a little concerned about the courses being spread out in option A but it isnt too bad, and I didnt know much about Whispering Pines. I know Tobacco Road and dormie would be an awesome combo.


Tobacco Road is the only one of any real distance. I’d say you’re fine on that front.


Option A because of Dormie. Can’t speak to the other courses but Dormie is miles better than #8, and it’s going private soon. I would not pass up a chance to play there.


A with condo upgrade. No 9 is not worth it. No 8 is terrific. No point in twice the price if you are getting Dormie which is off the charts fun. WPCC is a fine Maples track but I would wonder about conditions. There are two courses at WP. Don’t play the River or whatever they call it unless it is the second round of the day. It isn’t bad but the other is much better.
Now that The Carolina is closed and you avoid Little River and Whispering Woods you aren’t getting any real dogs. Hyland had some winter issues but is offering $25 golf and is worth it for an extra round with beer and gambling. There is Uber in SP Phurst now too so make the rounds and do not drive


Supposedly we can switch out WP for Mid pines or pine needles with a small up charge. Looks like we will do that and go with option A.


Boom. Do Mid-Pines!


A couple of golf buddies and I have done weekend golf trips to the Pinehurst area twice since October. We’re doing that same package July 5-8. I would do Mid-Pines like @jdillardwatt said. Mid-Pines and Pine Needles are both great, but Mid-Pines feels very close to what it would have been when Ross first designed it. Pretty easy walk as well. Was not aware of upgrade option to Mid Pines or Pine Needles. May have to make that change on our package.

You really can’t go wrong with Tobacco Road, Dormie, MP/PN. Throw in as many 9’s as you can walk on the Cradle and it’s about as much fun as you can possibly have while in Pinehurst.


We are doing it the next weekend! July 13-15. We are doing Mid pines, dormie and Tobacco Road. Super pumped. Hoping to catch the cradle once and definitely some drinks on the putting course.


Some of the most fun we’ve had on these trips have been the loops on The Cradle and late into the night putting contest. Not sure they’ll let you if you aren’t staying there but we stayed on the putting green at Mid Pines from 9pm until Midnight one night (the green is lit by the patio lights at night). We even had a group of over-served guys stumble out from the bar there and start betting on/heckling us. It was an absolute blast. You’re going to love everything about that trip. (especially if you don’t worry about your score too much!)

Try to get more than 1 loop on the Cradle. That way you can try to hit all kinds of cool shots the second time around (bouncing one off the back of the hill on Punchbowl and having it roll back to the pin is very satisfying).


Absolutely worth the upcharge. I vote for MP and caution you to check ego at the door and play the whites as it is a very long playing course for the stated yardage. PN plays best from the Ross tees at 6400 par 71. I play both regularly and see lists of ten handicaps struggle from the blues at MP, so depending on your skill level pick your tees wisely. Great set of greens at both places.