(PHOTO GALLERY) What is your favorite golf picture?


Makes you feel a bit better about one of the main 18 being out of play!


Had to pull from the archives on these. First one was taken on an iPhone 4 and second was with a GoPro. Circa 2014 at my old home course (Firekeeper Golf Course in Mayetta, KS).


A lefty?! Nice. Nice photos, too.


Thank you! And yes, a lefty. It’s the only thing I do left-handed.


Lincoln, NE



“Mud ball, MUD BALL!” -Bubba Watson


Is that Prairie Landing?


Yup. I went the first week in Nov and think it may have been the last day they were open. Virtually had the whole place to myself. It was fantastic.


I played there in 2005(?) with a friend that lived in Naperville or Wheaton - can’t remember now…it was a fun course. The fairways were wide and the greens were large with lots of undulation.


100% - I only found it because of the Chicagoland thread. I thought it was awesome, especially for the price. It was in great condition aside from being a soggy day after a rain. Lot of rolling hills and interesting holes.


I often use the sony dsc rx-100V; a bit pricey for the latest editions but they still sell some prior generations that aren’t as hard on the wallet. I prefer this as I think the quality is better than the phone, the optical zoom vs. digital zoom which you are limited to on a phone produces better pics imo which is key for me when trying to frame something without spending too much time. You can also easily connect your camera to the phone via a wifi feature on the go to download photos to your phone very quickly so you don’t need to wait to download your pics physically from the SD card.

The rx100’s can fit in a (non-super slim) pant pocket and easily in the golf bag. In the past year or two I know Jon Cav (linksgems) stepped up his equipment to the full Sony Alpha 7 series (similar to a full body DSLR but mirrorless) for a lot of his shooting… but previously he used the rx100 a ton with great results.


The iPhone X camera is pretty great, but I try to always carry my Fuji XT-20, especially when playing a new course. Great little compact camera with amazing quality.
I also have several Canon DSLRs, Mark 3 and 4, 6D, etc., but I find them to bulky to carry.


give me the best camera on earth and i still am terrible at photography i feel. really need to learn what i am doing…


the XT-20 better be a “great little compact” for $700!!


Yeah not super cheap. My wife and I do a fair amount of travel, that is originally why I invested in one.
We also own a photography business, so I could claim it as an expense.
I also own a $50 1970s film camera that I take out on the course from time to time. Not for everyone, but I really enjoy it.


I have a GoPro Hero 6 that I imagine can’t really be trusted for serious on course photography. What would you recommend for someone who is most likely only going to use a camera for golf experiences that is below that XT-20 pricepoint?


I don’t have much experience with them, but I know Sony makes some nifty mirrorless cameras that are around $400-$450 new. Still not cheap, but maybe check for a lightly used one? They have great quality, and pretty user friendly.

EDIT with another thought: If you get to far to the low end point-n-shoot cameras, you might be better off upgrading to the latest iPhone X. The thing takes amazing everyday photos.


Thanks, Paul!
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I don’t take a ton of photos on the course. There’s always the stellar view or light that makes me grab the phone and capture something. But this one just gets me because of the rarity of it. Glen Echo CC. Home of the 1904 Olympic Games Tournament. No chance I was missing the opportunity to snap a pic of the flag pole behind the 18th green.