(PHOTO GALLERY) What is your favorite golf picture?


I still need to play Trappers and Wild Rock up in the Dells…worth making a weekend out of it?


@TCRBrad - Trappers is a great 27 hole track carrying the name of Andy North as the architect. I always enjoy this course, but IMO Wild Rock surpasses it easily. The hole designs at Wild Rock and the rocky landscape make it both beautiful and challenging. In short, definitely worth a weekend trip - and the Wisconsin Dells area is also a cool place to hang out a couple days.


that is flat out SICK flow/beard combo. :applause:


I actually zoomed in so I could check it out.


That’s a fancy statue you got there …

It was amazing to be surprised by Payne back in '15.

DId you happen to run into this guy, too??


Payne really seems to like your friend


Love that picture of Askernish, I’m hoping to get over this year and tick it off my list of Top 100 course in Scotland list.


Holy hell HAHAHAHA. Friend = father, which makes it even funnier.


I apologise in advance for the photo over load, this was just a few…so in no particular order…

This was taken by a fellow member who’d just finished his round which just happened to catch my team on the 18th hole on the Castle Course.

Managed to sneak a game on the Black at Bethpage while on a business trip, loved it…just wished I’d bought a stroke saver before teeing off as I didn’t have a scooby where I was going.

Hillside GC which if you play with a bad hook could find yourself playing your 2nd from Royal Birkdale it’s neighbour

My Home course Lanark GC during our usual Winter Eclectic game

And lastly Royal Dornoch with my mate Al who I hadn’t seen for 9 years as he buggered off to live in Australia and this was his first time back to the UK.


No need to apologize for any overloads of photos in this thread. Especially those!


Took a new candidate for favourite today.


more sick flow/beard combo here…seems like a topic we should consider…


Love Shiskine, my parents took us to Arran on holiday every summer and were members of Brodick GC…we always played it a few times as one of my Dad’s pals was a member…holiday golf at it’s best


That rainbow shot is soo good it doesn’t look real…!


Best golf shot I have ever taken- Non Playing Section. 2016 BMW Championship at Crooked Stick. With an iPhone. Only wish I had had more height…


I make a point of only using my iPhone. Great reason to always have the latest version/best camera.


The Rise, Vernon, British Columbia


@temp hole tee?




Not bad for a temporary hole, the views from it are amazing!