(PHOTO GALLERY) What is your favorite golf picture?


There is a course in my village and while I’m not a member there I walk the dog on it a lot. I grabbed some shots this morning and thought I’d share them. Classic winter golf!


Soo many awesome photos, great thread.

How many of you take out a camera on the course…? That being something more than just your smartphone…?

I’ve always thought about taking my camera out, but think it will get in the way.


During the season I always carry a small camera in my bag just in case for those special moments.


Where is this ? It looks really familiar - probably isn’t though.


Place called Brickendon Grange in Herts. Its not an amazing track to be fair. I’m just an amazing photographer. :smirk:


I purposefully bought a G5x just so it would fit in my golf bag.
A lot of guys I know bring an actual camera out, but the 'ol smartphone works in a pinch


Me: Where’s the flag?
Caddie: Its on the fu$king green, where else would it be

God I love Ireland


I do, but that’s because I have a site where I do course tours. I only do it on new courses.


Visit @tigergolftraveler’s site with caution (especially when in the office)

It’ll make you lose all focus/productivity and make you daydream about golf


Are you spying on me?! Exactly what I’m doing now.


It’s part of the daily routine over here haha


The short par 4 2nd hole at We-Ko-pa Cholla is best enjoyed early in the morning (in my opinion):


It’s not the best picture. It’s not the best course, quite the contrary. It’s not the prettiest scenery. Not my best swing.

The best thing about this picture are the things you can’t see. It’s racing to a course after work in the summer, playing with a friend until it’s literally too dark to see, chatting and laughing all the way.


Great website :+1:t2:


This is a picture from Enniscrone. While I enjoyed Carne more, the pics from Enniscrone turned out better


From Michigan I really loved this picture of the fog rolling in at Arcadia Bluffs and I had to include a picture from Champion Hill in Beulah-the most scenic course I’ve ever played that almost no one knows about


somewhere on the back 9 at Island Club, Dublin, Ireland


Been out of pocket with the holidays. Thank you so much for the kind words. Your sentiment is exactly why I wanted to do the site!


Thank you!


October golf in Wisconsin. Playing #9 Canyon course at Trappers Turn in Wisconsin Dells.