(PHOTO GALLERY) What is your favorite golf picture?


Have they punched the greens yet this season? Conditions look pretty damn good for November!


Yeah they did them mid October small holes but more of them which means you basically don’t need to roll them after , they were sanded on Monday but you would never know as today there were spot on for November in the North East of Scotland , temps have been pretty mild to be honest 10-12 degrees with a bit of wind about 15mph .


We’re having a golden autumn of golfing in the U.K. After the long dry summer we’re reaping the benefit of a low water table. I’m loving it.


A little late here, but love the Cal Club pic - have it on my screensaver rota. My dad’s track and get out there as often as they let me, so pure…


Not my favorite but recent and very cool from a round in Vermont. Just missed the Strapped boys.


Eastward Ho! place is too good. doesn’t do justice.


Number 1 on bucket list. This picture speaks to my soul


18th Hole Barnbougle Dunes at sunset.


Oh man, that’s awesome! I love it. I’ve met the assistant pro through a mutual friend and played it twice with him. Super cool guy and a great host. Of all the Top 100 public/private I’ve played, it’s in the Top 3 of places I’d join tomorrow.


Wolf Course @ Paiute (Las Vegas). This was the day after the superbowl 2014


The North course is awesome, wish they would have played it in alternate years for the WGC.


This is one of my favorite tee shots at my local muni.


:thinking: Are you being sarcastic?


It certainly gives options off the tee…hit the trees on the left or hit the trees on the right


I guess you could take a bag of balls out there and practice stingers??


I’m just hitting a huge hook around the trees on the right :rofl:


I thought of that as an option, but the trees extend all the way down.


Doesn’t matter


That’s true. I would rather be under a different tree 250-plus yards closer to the hole.


Took a bunch at Streamsong Red/Blue (and dinner at the Bone Zone) last week. Place is amazing