(Photo Gallery) Share your golf photos HERE

We all have stopped in the middle of our round to document a beautiful golf hole, a unique lie, or even a course quirk that we have encountered during a round. Along with sharing said snapshots with your circle of friends (or the world of social media), why not post 'em in this thread!?

Don’t feel like you need to narrow it down to just one! post as many as you’d like!

Here’s the Cog Hill barn at golden hour from last weekend (DJ his this on the fly once…it’s well over 3-bills)


Love the idea! Here are a few from my home course. She’s a beaut.



Very fun. My favorite three pictures I’ve had captured of my golf career. masterful photoshop to protect identities


great “photoshop” work OB. Love the second one, did you lose the lid like Rory did?

9th hole at Greywalls in Marquette, MI, overlooking Lake Superior.


Lay off a little more next time, rjj1986…


Do you even lift, bro? (Totally not jealous by the way.)


Kona Coast - Hawaii


This is a favorite of mine…I was having dinner with the in-laws at NCR outside of Dayton, OH. I took it from the outdoor patio…I think that is the 9th green…not sure which course.


I’ve been known to occasionally lift things up and put them down. Didn’t break the trophy like Rory either.


would have SO many beers around the firepit during the fall. Watching groups come in over a “Moose Drool” is everything I would ever want

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My grandfather (now passed) was a longtime starter at NCR. Great shot.


Was lucky enough to play at Kingsbarns this May. After the round we had lunch and a pint (or 2) in the clubhouse. The first photo was from the beginning of lunch. It was so beautiful overlooking 18 I had to take a photo. Then after about 15 minutes I noticed this dog sitting next to the 18th fairway watching players come in. The dog sat their for 2 groups and just watched. Pretty good summary of the relaxed vibe there. (Side note, the dog belonged to the owner of the property, so I’m assuming this dog regularly does this). The last photo on here is from when we finished our lunch. The fog rolled in so fast, we didn’t even notice it until it covered the course. I just loved these 3 pictures because they captured my golf experience in Scotland so well. Can’t wait to go back!


Prepare to be bombarded…
Mid Pines

Harbour Town

Torrey Pines

Johns Island


Now you are just bragging. :slight_smile:

A little, got to play some great places! :blush:

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@Soly playing the 6th at New South Wales GC when he visited last December.

Hard to capture in a picture the perfection of that spot just before sunset, but this comes close.


not just the pictures, but the story about the dog makes this an amazing post :slight_smile:


Going a little deeper… the land owner actually had 2 dogs on property with him while he was playing, a frenchie and a retriever. We were on 16 or 17 and he was on 6 with his 2 dogs walking along side. I wasn’t able to get a picture of this, but when I saw the frenchie on 18 I had to capture it. The retriever was just laying outside of the clubhouse as well while the owner ate inside. Just not used to that over here, but I loved it!

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I could literally fill up the internet on this thread.

But I’ll narrow it down to three for now …

The 9th green at Brancaster in Norfolk. One of the most perfect games of golf I’ve ever had.

Royal County Down, looking back toward Slieve Donard. Needs no introduction.

Royal Cape, with Table Mountain in the background.