Phoenix Area Winter Golf Trip

What’s up y’all… I’ve decided to take a trip in mid December to the Phoenix area and want to play about 6 rounds of golf in a 3-4 day stretch. i am hoping to find a part of the Phoenix area where i can play ~6 reasonably priced and close proximity golf courses with awesome views. i was hoping to uber to and from all the courses from my hotel to avoid renting a car, so the better proximity the better (i plan on renting a hotel for proximity to the courses). i am open to Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, ect

Looking forward to some recommendations of courses!

Define what you consider “reasonably priced” for a course.

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Raven. Troon North. Papago. WeKoPa.

I would say in the ballpark of $60

In general, for around $60 in December you are either going to be playing muni courses, retirement community courses, packed and rundown housing development courses like Legend at Arrowhead (your great views will be of 1990s McMansions) or playing late enough in the day that you probably won’t get 18 holes in before dark. You might get an afternoon walking round at Papago for around $60 especially during the week. Paging @matthew823 for assistance.

You picked the exact wrong time of year to come out. Come out in May/June, the days are longer, the hotels are cheaper, and the golf is much cheaper.

For $60/round your only options are muni’s…

There is no group of courses grouped so close that ubering is cheaper than renting a car btw. Phoenix rental cars are cheap.

ak chin southern dunes

“reasonably priced” winter golf in the desert is a tough scene

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We’ve done a late April trip a couple times and didn’t play any crazy expensive courses but had a blast. If your set on Dec. might as well play 3 courses for ~$120 and get on decent tracks.

Our course list:
ASU Karsten (RIP)
Ak-Chin Southern Dunes.

Didn’t pay over $100 for any of them. But all over $100 in the winter.

Not really anything to add but I agree with everything being said.

A rental car is probably the best option because no matter how close everything looks on a map, most of the courses you’re going to want to play in PHX are fairly spread out.

$60 will be hard especially that time of year but you will enjoy it no matter what!

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If 60$ is budget consider florida?

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Ehhhh probably not. I’m going to Naples with some buddies in 3 weeks. 4 days, 5 rounds. My friend who is organizing said the average cost per round will be $115

I made this trip last weekend.

Rental car is a must. Use Turo.

Play Eagle Mountain. Unreal scenery.


I am with @69kv and everyone else here. Most of this plan is a pipe dream.

There is no location you can stay where courses are centralized, except maybe mid/north Scottsdale … but the majority of the courses around there will all be well into the $100 range in December. Lodging in that part of town is expensive, as well.

Playing 36 in December is … optimistic at best. The days are short and the courses are full.

Uber is a no-go, and I can’t see how it would reasonably save you money over a rental car anyway.

I’m not sure you’re going to find 4-6 rounds in the neighborhood of $60 in December. I live here so I get resident rates and that’s a tough ask. But, mid-week, you’ll probably be able to find places to play. As others have said. You’re looking at munis (not the best ones, though, Papago, which is a good golf course with nice views is $100+ in season).

GCU is a fine course, but the views are of trees and the tough neighborhood surrounding it. Ken McDonald has you looking at a power station all day long. Aguila might be a good option. Not the best course you’ll ever play, and it’s a bit of a drive from anywhere, but the views are nice for a muni.

If you’re from a northern climate and the idea is just to get somewhere you can play golf in December, cool. Otherwise, be very realistic about what your budget can support. And be aware that (at least in a typical year-though 2020 has been anything but typical) December is among our coolest and wettest (both of those are obviously very relative) months.

Good point on Uber. Get a rental car. Uber availability is really poor right now and has been during the pandemic. I think all of the “side hustle” type of drivers quit, and all that is left are the full-time former cabbies. I’ve used Uber three times in the past 3 months, twice from Sky Harbor and once from North Scottsdale, all on weekday afternoons/evenings. I’m done with it for now. Every time the wait for the driver to show up was 20-30 minutes, the car was old/beat and smelled like an ashtray, and the driver refused to follow the traffic-avoiding directions on the app and picked his own route which left us needlessly sitting in rush hour traffic. Looking at my phone right now, there is only one Uber car within 15 minutes of here, and I am in north Phoenix, not the middle of nowhere. A year ago there would be 5-10 cars within that distance.

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I appreciate that feedback- i wasnt sure if that was a pipe dream or not, so i figured to try and reach out to this large community. I think you made some really valid points, so thank you for that. I think it makes sense with your feedback to look for another warmer-ish climate. I am from Chicago, and was just hoping to get any golf in I could which is why i thought AZ could be a good choice but i may have set unrealistic expectations, which is fine since i’m early in the search process, thanks again!

Thanks all for the feedback! Looks like AZ is not the place to get it done for my parameters… If anyone has any other location suggestions i’d be open to hearing :slight_smile:

Uh orlando.
36 a day no problem.