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Heading up to the Philly area in a couple of weeks. Any recommendations on places to play? I’m going to be staying 30 minutes NE of Philly so it probably needs to be in that direction.

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30 minutes NE of Philly puts you right in the area I grew up, Bucks County PA. Makefield Highlands in Yardley, PA is one of my favorite courses I’ve ever played and is generally in great shape and a fun, challenging layout. Right across the river is Mountain View Golf Club in Ewing, NJ. Always enjoyable but recommend trying to catch it in the afternoon as otherwise it’s a little pricey (Makefield as well but totally worth it in my opinion). I’ve never played it since it was private when I grew up but I believe Yardley Country Club has public tee times now too for a little more of a shorter, tighter classic feel. Hopefully those get you started!


Great info. I was looking at Makefield already since it is 10 minutes from where I’m staying. You just can’t tell much from the website.

I’m playing the morning before I catch a flight out of Philly that afternoon so I could play closer to Philadelphia if there are better options there too.

what days will you be here? Also search bar is your friend

Only day I can play would be Friday 11/8.

Also, I guess I can stop wondering if the first reply was directed towards the search bar. I should have searched outside of the travel forum apparently because nothing shows up in here for Philadelphia. Looks like that post you mentioned is from the “Community Center” which I thought was roll calls and finding other people in your area for a regular game. Bad assumption on my part. I’ll check it out.

No worries we don’t follow too many rules when it comes to those categories better off just searching all haha. As said above Makefield is your best public option. If it was a weekend I would host but for Friday best I could do is set up unaccompanied play

Funny thing is I searched several times cause I was like “there has to be a Philly golf thread!”. Some days I’m just not smart enough to internet.

The area immediately surrounding Philly is tough, the munis (FDR, John F Byrne, Walnut Creek) are pretty rough and uninspiring. I have a soft spot for Cobbs Creek having spent a lot of time learning the game on the second course on property there, Karakung. I think that course is pretty much dead at this point though. The Old Course at Cobbs may be worth your time if you want to add some context to some of the stuff you hear about it from the NLU guys and elsewhere in the golfverse in advance of the restoration that they’ll be doing. Otherwise one I’d recommend is Riverwinds over in NJ. Has some cool views of Philly from across the Delaware River and is usually in pretty good shape and has some fun holes.

I don’t live there anymore but I’m hoping to move back soon as a lot of my friends and family are still there. There’s decent public golf if you’re willing to travel a little bit but as I imagine you’re aware, Philly is the capitol of incredible classic courses that are even more incredibly exclusive.

Is LuLu too far? Its a wonderful Ross and good value for the quality.

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Lulu is within his driving distance but they lost their greens this summer so maybe not the best time to visit

Shit! What happened to the greens?

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Too bad about LuLu, I played last summer and loved it. Would have been my first choice.

I would rather gouge me eyes out then play Riverwinds. I’ve never played a round there that didn’t take 6 hours.

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There were a couple of days this summer where it poured rain and then became very hot and humid and a lot of places struggled if they didn’t drain well as the roots of the grass would boil

I loved Makefield. Very nice as I recall, but that was over 10 years ago.

It’s a nice course, they host the US Open Local Qualifier there every year

I keep hearing Lulu, I just don’t think I can make it work with my schedule. It is going to be close just to make my flight. I’ve definitely got it on the list for next trip up.

Makefield Highlands is a must if staying in that area. Also could try Heron Glen (NJ course) which is about a half hour from Bucks County. If youre staying strictly in Bucks, Five Ponds and Northampton Valley aren’t bad municipal courses

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also worth looking into Heron Glen - another public gem, designed by the same group as Makefield (i think). Southampton is right around there and a good public option - pace is usually slow but it’s a solid loop. LuLu CC is semi-private now and is a fantastic course. If you want to make a drive Glen Mills is totally worth the travel. Enjoy!

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I’m a bit of a dolt when it comes to locations in PA, but Glenn Mills is fantastic (playing there this weekend), Riverwinds is a gem (in west deptford, NJ) if you want to travel a bit, there is Scotland Run in Sewell, nj

Not sure if these places would be doable for you.