Phil goes to Saudi Arabia (Can I dislike Phil?)

Looks like everyone’s favorite left-hander is traveling to the Kingdom of Garroted Journalists and skipping out on Phoenix. Any guesses on the appearance fee?

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3 bona fide, can’t miss, insider stock tips?


He is LOVED in Phoenix, like probably has to give upwards of 200 nods / thumbs up per round out there…maybe just needed a break for his body?



Ignoring the moral repugnance of playing in these tournaments, I just have to wonder what sort of appearance fee would move the needle for him right now.

It’d be one thing if he were skipping, like, the Zurich. He’s played in Phoenix for three decades! He’s won it three times! And he can MC Hammer and he’s still getting showered with praise the entire time he’s there.

Someone want to check the books at Mickelson National Golf Club? Are the local syrup barons nickel-and-diming Phil with a classic maple leaf shakedown? There are more questions than answers here.


He is getting pre-IPO shares of Saudi Aramco.

That, and they agreed to assassinate a journalist of his choice.


Payable in deep in the money ARAMCO options, allegedly. Can’t be paying taxes on ordinary income.

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do we know what top players get as appearance fees???

really curious about say… the Skins Game



Excited for the Phil/Goldman Sachs partnership in 2020.


Anyone playing in that event is getting paid in blood money.

Quick history question. Where did the majority of 9/11 hijackers originate from? #Merica

The Saudis killed a US resident and journalist in their embassy in Turkey. They dismembered the body to remove it.


Shipnuck is on one about this on Twitter right now. This is all gross and all these players should be asked about it at every press conference between now and then.


Is anyone actually surprised FIGJAM would take Saudi money? I’m only surprised he didn’t do it the first time around.

Big Cat turned down an appearance fee of $3.3 million for this event last year.

Safe to say that the top players going over there are getting high 6 figures or low 7 figures to show up.

do you have a source for that fee? i’m really curious

The tab for a PJ to Saudi Arabia and back is like $200k, I’m guessing the murderous dictators throw that in too.

I could actually see this going both ways. Phil is no stranger to getting into financial trouble, and I could see him settling for like a $250k appearance fee to settle some…umm…“short term debt”. He did straight up ( allegedly) resort to insider trading to settle a $900k gambling debt.

edit: Phuck it. @BillyWalters thank you for setting me straight, for some reason I convinced myself I wasn’t allowed to accuse him and scared myself into writing allegedly. Also double bonus, because if memory serves…wan’t Billy Walters the person Phil had to settle his debt with??? You would be the expert on the matter.

Not allegedly. Like not even a little allegedly.





I guess that $10M just doesn’t go as far as it used to.