Phat Hits-Ways To Fix It?

Im noticing that many of my iron strikes are a bit on the fat size, or feel fat to me. Here’s a few questions to maybe help get me hitting better shots and skulling less balls:
-What size divot do you want to see post shot?
-Where do you position the ball in your stance for irons (specially 7i thru Wedges)?
-How far ahead do you position your hands when setting up for your shots?

Thanks in advance!

Youre welcome!

Get a lesson.



Appreciates it. I didnt know about that thread. Id close this one if I could.


Hey there! A few thoughts here:

  • I like a divot that’s about the size of a dollar bill or less that starts at the ball and goes toward the hole and is rather shallow (obviously depends on turf, firmness, etc.). Think about skinning an apple instead of digging a ditch.

  • If you’re hitting it fat, you’re bottoming out the arc of your swing prior to reaching the ball. Might I suggest laying a towel on the ground about 2-3 inches behind your ball on the practice tee and work on hitting the back of the ball first with forward shaft lean (hands in front of the clubhead) at impact. The thought is to not hit the towel at all. This visual drill has helped my ball striking in the past, and I hope it helps yours.


Only slightly disappointed this thread isn’t about smoking

“Phat Hits and Bong Rips”


Much appreciate the help! Im going to give that towel drill a try tomorrow when I practice.

Happy to help. Hit them well.

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