PGATOUR 2K21 Refuge Tour Tournament Thread *Season 8 is Live!* (Part 1)

I’ve debated ditching a club at the top end and adding in the Hogan 60* so that I have a 95 and 79 lob wedge. I also love the Hogan 215yd hybrid but have seen compelling evidence that the long irons stop a lot faster than a hybrid. They’re also not penalized as much out of the rough. Both of those things are backwards to real life but somehow true in this game.

I just found out while in the fairway you you can comfortably hit driver off the deck about 250-260 yds. This is a game changer since my 3 wood only goes 216.

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Still got room for one?

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If @kevjones makes it in, I demand he and @ajtwenty1 are on opposite teams, and have to play in singles, and it’s the determiner on who has the best calves.


Come on now…you’re shooting -47 in Young Hitters with the senior flex, mega offset clubs in the bag?


Found @ajtwenty1 and @MrCutHook out enjoying a stroll around Maverick Dunes last night. Pretty tough scene for one of those guis…

  1. This is blasphemous and slanderous as on 2 of 3 of those shots, I got up and down.
  2. The one I didn’t get up and down, from behind the tree, I was 100% goaded into taking that line off the tee by the course designer, and overall bad gui, @mctrees02. “You’re not going to use the fairway to the left? Come on, no laying up.” I hit it, and immediate laughter of, “you can’t reach that fairway in this wind”.

Also, I finished second in the competition, so I wasn’t the biggest loser. Really looking forward to the rest of you getting to experience Maverick Dunes in total ejection conditions.


I’m glad I’m not the only one getting smacked around in Maverick Dunes practice rounds. Yikes.

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still not winning in YH. Gotta take every advantage.

Challenge accepted.

For comparison, I think New South Wales was the The Northern Trust. Maverick Dunes will be The BMW

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For reference, this is why the matchup of the calves is so critical. There can be only one…




The greens at Maverick Dunes are DIABOLICAL! Holy smokes!

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Nice par.

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We need a new one for xbox… that we finish this time lol


If someone wants to take lead, I’m there for it. Might be easier to get players with the new game. I still have the original spreadsheet still.

Hesitant to start it myself, not sure if my ego can take another failed startup


You’re in.

We will take max 2 more to give us a full 12v12. Otherwise we will roll with 22 and just sit some guys out for team matches.

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Here’s a poll for an xbox event, if we get enough interest we can decide on captains and go from there. The matches we did play in the first attempt were a lot of fun (and streamed live for everyone’s enjoyment), so hopefully this can get off the ground.
You need xbox live for this btw

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Round 3 is… something.

I’m no course designer, but if you’ve got part of the green sloping at a a 40% grade, maybe it’s pointless to make it green, and just leave it as fairway.

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Might have been my worst putting round ever in round 2 at Maverick Dunes. To only shoot 1 better from the forward tees is a problem.

Time for a putter switch.

Great job on the design though @mctrees02

We might have to hire you to design The Duck Club.

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