PGATOUR 2K21 Refuge Tour Tournament Thread *Season 8 is Live!* (Part 1)

Yeah I just fired it up and looked. The top end Bridgestone looks to have more distance as well. I’m kinda holding out to try and get the Maverik Subzero. But I need to get sponsored first… haha

I went D, 3w, 3h, 4h, 4i at the top of the bag. As you mentioned, having the versatility for the rough and bunkers has been essential. The current bag setup has seen my scores drop. I’m using the Hogan Ft Worth black irons. They are one of the standards offerings. Not the longest but the forgiveness and shot shaping ability are nice for me

I’m similar to this. But took more forgiving irons for 8-9 iron and an in between 7 iron. Wedges are super forgiving and shorter so I don’t have to rely on pitch shots much

Finally starting to feel a little more comfortable in the game. Progress is progress!

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I’ve really started to go away from pitch shots. Using full or flop almost exclusively now.

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Ill use pitch shots between 85 - 60 yds. The splash shot has been my game changer. Anything 10 - 35 yds and I can stop it right by the holes if not make it. It feels like the flop shot was back in TGC 2.

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+1 for the splash shot, it’s a better version of the flop for short shorts.


There’s also a non-brand one (yellow head, I think) that carries 237. Less forgiving though.

Pitch shots feel so bad. swing as fast as possible and get a slow or perfect, swing normal and get very slow every time and it goes like 50% of the distance. I’ll do a 25%-50% lob wedge from like 75 out (always gets very fast but I just aim out right) vs. the unpredictable pitch shots.


Figuring out the pitch shots has been a life saver for me. The tempo for then is way different and the penalty for a slow is awful, but once I figured it out. Hitting those one hop and stop shots is great

Looking for 3 more PS4 players!

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Depending on when it is, i’m in!

Probably starting next week

I’ll have to work on some practice swings.

For those looking for a quick way to setup their bag, somebody put together this spreadsheet with ratings and carry distances for almost every club in the game. It’s a handy tool if you’re considering a change:


Looking forward to seeing a scorecard like this at Maverick Dunes…


This is a great find…now I get to spend hours tinkering with my virtual bag like I do my IRL bag

Just need one more then we will close it!

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I have a very similar bag to this
All SIM woods and hybrid
P790 irons because I play them IRL
The long distance Wilson wedges
The TM prize for sponsorships as a putter
Went all distance for obvious reasons. If we need to get more forgiving, I have bought those clubs too!!

I have the same except I use Callaway wedges. Don’t care to change since I am so used to it now.