PGATOUR 2K21 Refuge Tour Tournament Thread *Season 8 is Live!* (Part 1)

#2 though, amirite? That devilish little par 3 was super hard.


Pin placement was brutal too in the bottom right corner. Left my chip short and two putted.

EDIT: Just bogeyed it again in round 3… bastard hole

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Los Angeles CC should play pretty difficult; Carnoustie will be tough. We can re-assess bumping the swing difficulty to pro after this first season if scores continue to be low.


Every single time I get suckered into trying to hit it over the dune and you know what happens?..I don’t make it.

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Glad I’m not the only one who was miffed by that hole. Every round I hit the green only to roll off the back in nearly the same spot. Almost impossible to hold that green with a 5i/4h!


That last round with the wind was really tough. -17 through 3, even on R4.

Just checking - I don’t seem to have points for event 3 in Strapped B in the points list - is there something else I should do?

Couldn’t make a putt in round 3… bogey free -3 through 17… Then double bogeyed 18 after trying to hit a 3 wood out of the fairway pot bunker. 71 there is like 5 or 6 over par.

This may have been covered elsewhere, what happens if we miss one or two tournaments? I got Bottany Bay done last night, moving out of our place this weekend with no definitive closing date on our house (NC State Govt blaming Covid for home grown ineptitude). Will be in limbo for the next week or so I guess, may get a chance to plug in the Xbox somewhere, but maybe not. I’m certainly not in the running for the Champions tournament, am I just gonna miss out on points? How will the demotions work (I’m not getting promoted)?

@Shetlander, it’s fixed now. Forgot to format the cells for the new additions.

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@CLTReid You’ll just miss out on points. Demotions are based on strokes gained and the judgement of the competition committee, not points, so missing events won’t impact that.

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The one thing I’ll add is if we have any players who only played 1 or 2 tournaments then they will likely be removed from the tour and have to come back through qualifying. More often than not they’ve stopping playing anyways, but it at least allows us to appropriately balance each flight between seasons.

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Cool deal, I’ll try and get them done if I get a chance. I did play a round at Maverick Dunes last night, that place kicked my ass. I also finally bought the SIM driver rather than the SIM Max, 23 yards further is no joke

What’s the carry on the SIM? I’ve been using the Mavrik which I think is 281. I wish the distances were listed when looking at the clubs instead of the little green/red bar thing.

288 I believe. Yeah, I think it showed it when I was picking between 9 or 10.5 degrees, but of course that’s after you already purchase it

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I dont know about you guys but I changed out my entire bag. I sacrificed distance for forgiveness. I picked the highest forgiveness from driver, 3 wood, 3 hybrid, 3 iron - 9 iron, wedges are 45* - 56*(i think).

It has been a huge difference in my downswing. I get a lot more perfects now and the fast/slow misses arent as bad since the target for downswing had increased greatly.

I thought I was going to have an issue on long par 5s and par 4s but I am still finding myself being able to have eagle opportunities on par 5s. I may not be hitting wedges into greens but if you can dial in the shot shape/loft adjuster it works great.

I went the opposite way. When I look at the stats for my society (PC) everyone is absolutely out-driving my Sim with high forgiveness.

288 carry on the SIM is correct, that’s my current gamer.

As I’ve gotten better at the game, for woods/irons I moved away from the most forgiving clubs to kind of middle of the road so I could get a bit more distance. The wedges I have are among the most forgiving though, so in taking the bomb and gouge approach it works quite well most of the time. The biggest thing is just getting the driver in play, if I’m in the fairway I can usually hit greens or come close enough for an easy up and down.

I have fiddled with the long iron/hybrid setup a bit, right now I have a 3 hybrid and down to a 4 iron; the long irons are better out of rough, but the hybrid is better out of sand, so it’s kind of a tradeoff.

Biggest takeaway for me is don’t get locked in to playing only one brand through the bag. I still have sponsor unlocks to get so maybe once those are available it is possible, but early on a mixed bag is definitely better.

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If you want more carry the Bridgestone BJR i think has 294 carry. I had to go with absolute forgiveness on my driver to keep it in the fairway. Bomb and gouge was just not working for me.


Driver - Maverik Max 9 degree (carry 286 - longest 391 this round on all downhill par 5)
3 Wood - Maverik standard
3 Hybrid - Maverik standard
4i-9i - Wilson Staff blades
W (46, 50, 54, 60) Jaws MD5
P - Wilson Grant Park (wish putters had different stats)

I’ve pretty much gone for all distance and less forgiving. I wish you could carry a 3 wood longer than 223…

I believe there is a SIM 3 Wood that has 248 carry. I think its one of the purple ones. I wish we could see distance numbers before purchase/equip.