PGATOUR 2K21 Refuge Tour Tournament Thread *Season 8 is Live!* (Part 1)

Ill use pitch shots between 85 - 60 yds. The splash shot has been my game changer. Anything 10 - 35 yds and I can stop it right by the holes if not make it. It feels like the flop shot was back in TGC 2.

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+1 for the splash shot, it’s a better version of the flop for short shorts.


There’s also a non-brand one (yellow head, I think) that carries 237. Less forgiving though.

Pitch shots feel so bad. swing as fast as possible and get a slow or perfect, swing normal and get very slow every time and it goes like 50% of the distance. I’ll do a 25%-50% lob wedge from like 75 out (always gets very fast but I just aim out right) vs. the unpredictable pitch shots.


Figuring out the pitch shots has been a life saver for me. The tempo for then is way different and the penalty for a slow is awful, but once I figured it out. Hitting those one hop and stop shots is great

Looking for 3 more PS4 players!

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Depending on when it is, i’m in!

Probably starting next week

I’ll have to work on some practice swings.

For those looking for a quick way to setup their bag, somebody put together this spreadsheet with ratings and carry distances for almost every club in the game. It’s a handy tool if you’re considering a change:


Looking forward to seeing a scorecard like this at Maverick Dunes…


This is a great find…now I get to spend hours tinkering with my virtual bag like I do my IRL bag

Just need one more then we will close it!

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I have a very similar bag to this
All SIM woods and hybrid
P790 irons because I play them IRL
The long distance Wilson wedges
The TM prize for sponsorships as a putter
Went all distance for obvious reasons. If we need to get more forgiving, I have bought those clubs too!!

I have the same except I use Callaway wedges. Don’t care to change since I am so used to it now.

I’ve debated ditching a club at the top end and adding in the Hogan 60* so that I have a 95 and 79 lob wedge. I also love the Hogan 215yd hybrid but have seen compelling evidence that the long irons stop a lot faster than a hybrid. They’re also not penalized as much out of the rough. Both of those things are backwards to real life but somehow true in this game.

I just found out while in the fairway you you can comfortably hit driver off the deck about 250-260 yds. This is a game changer since my 3 wood only goes 216.

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Still got room for one?

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If @kevjones makes it in, I demand he and @ajtwenty1 are on opposite teams, and have to play in singles, and it’s the determiner on who has the best calves.


Come on now…you’re shooting -47 in Young Hitters with the senior flex, mega offset clubs in the bag?