PGATOUR 2K21 Refuge Tour Tournament Thread: HIATUS: ANSWER POLL POST #3812

I can only use google sheets on my personal computer so my wife knows when I am doing tour work

9966…nailed it

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Ferrari team member or McDonalds drive-thru worker?


Mine’s going to be pissed if/when I find a PS5, or settle for a PS4.

Fuck this Xbox shit.


Is there a difference?

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People bailing on Xbox for PS4/5 is the best part of the last few seasons and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t also thought about it

I mean, is it even confirmed that PS players have it easier? Or is it just folklore at this point?

If I could find a PS4 at my local Wal-Mart, I’d absolutely try it out - they’ll let people return anything.

Chonky is on PS4, so yes.


UGH, I’m sorry to be this guy, but I’m trying to mirror my gameplay settings to the society’s settings. Is it possible to add a tab to the spreadsheet with all the settings, so it’s easy for everyone to find? Or is there something that I’m missing (I’m for sure an idiot) and there’s an easier way than scrolling through posts?

And secondly: confirming that distance control meter is “off” for season 9, and not “putting only” or “percentage only”?

Lastly: would it make sense to share the XP multiplier that everyone should have with their own personal settings. I’m currently at 1.64x, made some changes to what I thought were the season 9 settings and am sitting at 1.77x, but have been told I should be at 1.72x.

On TGCTours highest level, they have 160 people in the current event. 125 PS4 - 3 Xbox - Rest PC


The meter is “open” so it can be whatever you want it to be.

Distance control assist is off.


If you go into the society, you should be able to see difficulty restrictions



Would love for us to take these last 20 posts to try and figure out all the settings and such. Very on brand!


From last week’s top 3 tours on TGC:

167 players
3 on Xbox
2 of 78 made cut

153 players
12 on Xbox
5 of 68 made cut

147 players
17 on Xbox
5 of 71 made cut

For CC-L (their lowest level)
103 players
46 on Xbox
33 of 72 made cut

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Throw in a few posts complaining about how some people in my flight are too good.

So basically buy a PS4 people. Or a PS5.

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I have been waiting for people to do this so I can crush them with my new data.

Can’t we just go back to complaining about Old Town?


Yep. Looks like 37 on PC so PS is hugely dominant