PGATOUR 2K21 Refuge Tour Tournament Thread: HIATUS: ANSWER POLL POST #3812

Are we just playing these places on our own and then turning in our scores or actually making an online society and tour?

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Over/under 50% of people finish under par?

I play the TGC tour a lot. Im all in on this.

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Both. Online society to keep schedules consistent and conditions easily set up, and then reporting scores from those events to a google sheet on the Refuge

depends on the weather conditions, but I’ll take the over

I’m mashing the under (it ejects me every time)

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In, used to do the TGC tours but haven’t played in a while. Got to be too hard for me to compete over there but think this could be great.

I think this guy just said we all sucks, dudes.

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I want it to be fun so bad, but when people win on the AM circuits at -56 it stops being fun


Which game is this?

The Golf Club 2019

Huh… literally never heard of it before. If it’s anything like Mario Golf, y’all are in trouble.

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It couldn’t be further from Mario golf, its super realistic


Besides, are you saying this is unrealistic?


Where’d you get this footage of me?


In, PS4.

Worth the $65 CAD on PS4? Saw on sale a while ago and meant to buy it, but evidently ended up slipping my mind.

Damn it’s still $65???

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It’s on sale all the time. Jump in if you want to join us for this, but you’ll get a deal sooner than later.