PGATOUR 2K21 Refuge Tour Tournament Thread: HIATUS: ANSWER POLL POST #3812

Throw in a few posts complaining about how some people in my flight are too good.

So basically buy a PS4 people. Or a PS5.

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I have been waiting for people to do this so I can crush them with my new data.

Can’t we just go back to complaining about Old Town?


Yep. Looks like 37 on PC so PS is hugely dominant

We need to find a good version of PGA West in the game to take the heat off Old Town

You want another overboard real life course? I have a few in mind

Welcome to Season 9 of The Refuge Tour. @Jbors promises it will be the most least dramatic season yet!

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Quick everyone say what you hate most about @mcpees!

I hate that you don’t yet own the @mcpees account

Made it back in time for the cutover. LFG.

I can’t get banned. Too much invested into this now. I’m in too deep.

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Do I want to steal post 1 just so I can get a second home rent free in @JBors brain???


Absolutely. Please do this.

This is like being on the starting grid


I’m so nervous…

Hi mom!

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And here we go…

See you on the other side…


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