PGATOUR 2K21 Refuge Tour Tournament Thread: HIATUS: ANSWER POLL POST #3812


Please play 2 rounds on pins 2 and 4 at TPC Sawgrass (from the tips) and 2 rounds at PGA West from the 6700 yard tees (pins 2 and 4 as well) and post your scores in the spreadsheet below. We will happily add you to a flight for the next tournament in the NLU RPT Society. Cheers!

Continuing with a new thread from the Video Game thread:

Here is the sign up sheet, where we will be posting event scores/flight information/taking course recommendations/BEvERage suggestions/etc etc etc

Q School is under way!

PS4 and Xbox One users should search for the Online Society “NLU Refuge Tour

2 rounds of qualifying are played at TPC Sawgrass, and the next 2 are played at PGA West Stadium.
Pins for both rounds are positions 2 and 4 (hi @Jeff_M) with default weather settings

Tees are all the way back for TPC, and the 6700 tees for PGA West.

After completion of all 4 of your rounds…PLEASE do us a solid and post your scores in the spreadsheet above.

We will be flighting players into one of three categories based on where you finish (just to even things out):

  • The Strapped Boys
  • C-Suite
  • Young Hitters Program

Any tournaments hosted during the season will be competed within your flight.
Similar to “The Open” rules a la 1900…if a player wins three straight events in a row, they will be moved up a flight (we will be tracking average finishes). If a player is consistently getting smoked on their assigned tour and wants to be moved down a level, feel free to let myself or @BigtimePolecat know.

All official scoring will be held and posted on the Google sheet attached above. We don’t need tiebreakers for Q School, but tie breakers for events will be as follows (in this order):

  • Back 9 score
  • Front 9 score
  • Number of Eagles #NoLayingUp
  • Number of doubles or worse (the bigger you Icarito…the less of a chance you have at a win

(I don’t anticipate this getting to number of eagles or number of doubles…but the plan is in place in case of emergency)

As the full schedule becomes available, we’ll share it in this thread. Till then, good luck in Q School and CHEERS. CRAIC ON!



I’d be in

Re-adding this link just for extra visibility

We will be able to make changes as we get more organized for score reporting and stuff


very much in, just can’t remember my gamertag. I’ll set up tonight.

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Are we strictly recreating real events or can we do one at the Bandon Best Of?

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Combo of Tour courses and our favorite courses from TGC

Here’s the OG post:

Okay so obviously everything sucks now that we don’t have sports in our lives, but this might be the PERFECT opportunity to create our own version of the “TGC Tours” league (just…NLU’s version)

If this is to happen, I’d need some help from an Xbox user and a PC user (PS4 guy here)
We could set this thing up by flights so it’s a fair fight, and it’ll also be the ONLY way we see anything close to ANGC this spring

I don’t care about courses, so I just put my name. In.

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Down to clown

We just rebooted our tourneys in my small group of friends. We’re doing a match play tournament as well. I’d be down for any and all.

In. PS4.

In. Will add courses when I’m home and can look at my favs.

Wait I’m confused - are we each signing up to host a tournament and listing the course and etc.? Or just signing up to participate?

Just signing up to participate and suggesting any venues we want to see so we can put together a season schedule


I’m in

What @JShaw said.

Kind of thinking of 2 events per week to give people 3 days to play the rounds as everyone will have different availability


I was going to say that because 1/wk isn’t enough, I finish the 2 rounds in like an hour then have nothing to do lol


So the first thing (and I think this will start this weekend) is a Q School to sort out where everyone will be flighted

I’m a PS4 guy…I need an Xbox guy to set up the RPT Society (anyone on PC?) to match tournament conditions and pin positions?

Maybe we should all play ANGC 8 times on super firm conditions and watch the whole field “Opus Dei” themselves


In (PS4) and definitely interested in this.

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