PGATOUR 2K21 Refuge Tour Tournament Thread *Event #8 - Thanks be to Donald*

The next 2 courses will be

  • Sand Hills GC Lidar
  • Scarboro Golf Club

I was out of commission the last couple events. Just did Jax Beach Putting. Maybe i missed it, where do we post our scores? I don’t see it on the spreadsheet. Thanks.

You don’t…it’s just for fun.

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Thanks. I missed that somewhere I guess.

Our bad, easy to miss. We were just taking sometime to get our ducks in a row to get more events scheduled/figure out some changes as people are heading back to work and stuff

Calling all Xbox Refugees; I don’t know about you, but I’m having serious FOMO with this PS4 Ryder Cup event kicking off. Seems like a blast and I want in.

I can captain one team and will need a volunteer to captain the losing team. Just reply to this poll if you are interested and I’ll send everyone a message once we get a decent response and I will use the flights from the Tour to make even teams.

  • I’m in

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If you need a guy, I’ll participate, but since I’m already doing the PS4 one, I’ll lay in the weeds a bit.

There is a PS4 one?

It’s literally linked in his post, my dude.

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LOL…it’s been a long Munday


Went in to this round at “Augusta” trying to break 63… did a little better. Things got very real after the hole in one on number 6, but we managed to avoid a wing-melting scenario.


If you still need a captain, I can man a losing ship pretty easy.

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The captaincy is yours!

Also bumping this for a new day, we can do it with 12 but I would love to get to 16 if possible

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I need in

Looks like we need one more for 16, come on Xbox people, jump in!

I’m in!

@BigtimePolecat Please don’t make me be team Europe…

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Sweet, at 16 now. The first 16 people who voted will be in for sure, anyone else can be on a waiting list in case someone drops unless we get to 20. I’ll make a list of everyone with their RPT flights and me and @smallz0r will do a draft and keep the teams as even as possible.

Since I’m Canadian, I’ll let you have USA and I will captain the European team

as an Englishman based in the USA, I would really enjoy the chance to compete on the European team. Or work as a mole on the US team to ensure implosions.