PGA Tour player career performance charts

I’m working on a way to depict a player’s career in a relatively simple chart (that still has room for explanatory notes), and I want to know what people think of it. I’ve done two so far. Here’s Charley Hoffman:


And here’s Ben Crane. (I’ll take requests for other players.)

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Could replace K with D for Developmental Tour, which could cover anything worldwide and not have to worry about whatever the name was at the time. Really cool idea!

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I like the idea, but can we get a star for years the player was leading or tied after round 1 at the Masters?


I like the idea, and if you’ll allow me, I’d encourage some minor tweaks:

  1. Career performance is certainly measured by end of year rank, which you’ve depicted here very well. I would nominate a couple of other categories as well, which add some color to the story (scoring average, ratio of cuts made to events played, and earnings).
  2. It appears you’ve chosen a long, narrow layout. Is there a particular reason for that? If not, I’d suggest more of a landscape layout that would allow for more columns of stats (like the ones mentioned above).

I’d be happy to think through some other visualizations as well. I’m a bit of a data nerd so I’ve often dabbled in this area as well…

Andy Johnson would disagree. A better representation of the full year’s performance is either FEC rank at the end of the final regular season event or money list.

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Cuts made seems reasonable; I’ll try to figure out a way to include it. I’m not sure about scoring average or total earnings.

I’ll think about the shape. The long and narrow shape seemed the best fit for what I wanted to include.

“Rank” in these charts refers to money list or FedEx Cup rank.

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I could’ve said that more clearly, fer sher.

Note that these charts are largely geared towards exemption status, hence why there’s no detail on Ben Crane’s 2015 season when he played poorly but wasn’t in danger of losing his card.

Okay, here’s one with a column for made cuts:


Ya kinda have to do Tiger don’t you?

Just to see how ridiculous it is.

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That would be kinda boring… :joy:

Since I said I’d take requests, though, here it is! I’ll be doing mainly players who turned pro in 1999 or later, since certain sources are harder to find before then.


That starts vs cuts made ratio for Tiger is always amazing.

Do Speith? Also I love the chart. It would make a great bookmark of you favorite player.

Also, I didn’t know lifetime membership was a thing, but it explains why Davis Love is still kicking around most weeks.

Yep. 20 wins and 15 years. Vijay Singh is also a Life Member.

I’ll put Spieth on my docket. Right now I’m doing a player who’s currently on the Tour, but has spent most of his career on the KFT.


I would try to guess, but there are too many.

Did you know DJ will get lifetime membership in two years? Pretty amazing considering he doesn’t give a shit.

I am not a huge Bubba fan but I do have some respect for him in the sense that he has truly battled. Seeing the career laid out this way, I appreciate it a bit more.

You’re doing great work @Inkblot9

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