PGA Tour Live worth it?


Agree on Thursday / Friday being the key. I would just put it up on my desktop during conference calls. I don’t think I’ll leverage the Saturday / Sunday coverage at all, except for maybe the largest of events.

BTW, Anyone having a problem subscribing on the NBC Sports Gold site? When I go to click buy now, it gives me a black screen - have tried this on multiple devices and browsers


I’m definitely re-upping my subscription this year but waiting for it to become available on Amazon Prime Channels for purchase. Since they will be moving away from the old app (Run by Disney/ABC/ESPN) and NBC Sports Gold is just a trash trash app and service ( I mean come on how can you be so so bad) I am willing to fork over the extra cash as there is no early subscriber bonus to be able to use Amazon Prime Video App to stream and watch on all my devices. I have always been a fan of PGA Tour Live and have had a subscription for a couple of years now and I am really looking forward to the expanded coverage they will be offering.


I was right there with you until the consuming fewer beers part.

unrelated: working from home is awesome.


does anyones golftv app actually work? nothing happens when i click it. also i thought it was supposed to be nbcsports gold. this rollout has been confusing.


isnt GolfTV only for international people? It should be NBC Sports Gold for everyone in the US.

Also, PGA Tour Live coverage doesnt start until the Desert Classic in a few weeks.


Did anyone else have a subscription to the old PGA tour live that is running into this year? I have one until March and not sure if they will either grandfather it in or give you access to NBC gold?

Anyone have any idea?


so i think i figured it out. you dont actually get nbc gold, you get the pga live pass on nbc golf. if i log in everything is locked out and i cant watch but if i look under my account it says i have a pass for PGA which obviously doesnt start til the 17th or whatever. also they snuck that worthless golftv app on my phone which doesnt work which im annoyed about. overall i think this change was really poorly communicated.


and im not sure how it works with the anniversary date. did you pay by the season or monthly last year? i thought it was for the season not year.


year - looking at my itunes account i am payed up until Feb 28 and it won’t renew before that. Also has me connected to the international app as well not US (GolfTV)


Mine auto renewed in Nov and should be for the full year. Less than optimistic I’ll have a smooth transition.


I am paid into May and according to the guy I talked to, if you are already subscribed you should be grandfathered in at NBC Gold until your subscription expires. If you want to renew then it should be no problem but it will be at the new price, not what you paid last year.


update: My account will not be transferred over but they are giving me a refund for the 2 months


Finally, the first full field event of the year. Time to kick back at work and pull up PGA Tour Live or the Golf Channel and watch some…Legend of Bagger Vance? Great work as always PGA Tour.


any one have any idea on how to subscribe the the Amazon Video Channels for PGA Tour Live? Trying to avoid NBC Sports Gold like the plague.


I had PGA Tour Live the last couple years, but subscribed to the NBC Sports Gold package to watch this year. I fired it up last week, only to figure out the coverage does not start until the desert classic. Hopefully the additional features that come with the NBC package are worth it.


FYI, refugees, the Prime Channel is now available. Early bird season pricing of $50 available till January 20.


hail Lord Bezos


been checking every day for it to be available was getting a bit nervous. 100% going this route over NBC.


This is just a different way to watch it right? As in, same content and amount of content, just watching through Amazon instead of NBC? If so, I’ll definitely go this route as well.


Correct, it’s the exact same thing. No different than getting ESPN from a cable company versus Dish.