PGA Tour Live worth it?


My thoughts exactly.



Resurfacing this, as apparently this new PGA tour live brought to you in part by NBC sports gold can be had for $50/year (10 more than last year) up thru Jan 17. It sounds like they’ve increased coverage time, stats, and highlights which all sounds good. Anyone else thinking about pulling the trigger? Also, I’m guessing this doesn’t include access to the original NBC sports gold, where most of my formerly accessible EPL games have fled to.


I’ll definitely be re-uping for this year. As someone with multiple monitors on my desk at work there’s nothing better than work on one screen and golf of the other. Plus the coverage last year I thought was awesome and hearing that they’re looking to add on to that is well worth the extra $10 for me.


I’m renewing. But, man, I’m super confused about the migration away from the app they used to have. Guess we’ll see how it goes for their first event.


Did I see somewhere that PGA Live coverage will be included with Amazon Prime or some other feature??


I didn’t hear Amazon Prime (that would be awesome if true). Thinking of ESPN+ maybe?


damn my terrible memory. I remember thinking to myself “oh, fantastic. I already have that!” … maybe Hulu?


Pretty sure my PGATour Live app (Android) was just updated as GOLFTV. Weird, if true, because everything I had seen before was that it would move into NBC Sports Gold. Wonder how this will shake out on Roku.


Looked it up and it looks like it’s not free through Prime. They just will have the option for you to subscribe to it through there similar to how you could add NBA league pass.

Some people are probably thinking of ESPN+. At the end of last year I got excited when it was added to ESPN+ because I was already subscribed to that by having ESPN Insider and thought I’d save $40 this year. Of course it moves again and they bump the price up $10. Still worth every penny though.


Same here. Not really good change management around this IMO. When you hop in this new GOLFTV app it just said it was basically “under maintenance”.


having it as part of the amazon prime app would be nice

I guess I will provide further tribute to Lord Bezos


So what do we download onto our streaming devices? The old app will no longer be used? Been going through the NBC app on apple tv to get to golf coverage


I have an NBC Sports Gold App for both iOS and Roku (yay!). For some reason it is different than the standard NBC Sports App, but basically looks the same except for the content. No idea why they can’t just have one App that would allow subscribers to access what they paid for and also what they get through their cable package (ESPN does this for ESPN+). Something I read suggested I would be able to go directly from PGA Tour Live into Golf Channel/NBC coverage on the same app, so maybe that will happen.


I renewed when I saw it was gonna be $65 after the Desert Classic. Definitely worth every penny to stream at work. Also wasn’t a fan of how the migration was publicized, but it looks like they’re almost doubling coverage and adding toptracer so that should be awesome.


I can’t do it. I can’t go from doing 3 actual hours of work a day to 1 actual hour of work.


I liked having it last year, especially when I was working 12’s and had Thursdays or Fridays off (I’m a nurse). When my position changed and I worked T-F, it was nice to catch a couple minutes during lunch. Unless you have the ability to watch on Thursdays or Fridays, it’s probably not worth it because you’re not missing much on the weekends


They’re going to have featured groups on Saturday and Sunday at 27 events plus Saturday at the Match Play. They also added Roku and Fire Sticks as compatible devices which will make it easier to watch at home if you didn’t have an Apple TV. So I think this year I’ll probably watch a little more on the weekend than the one time I tuned in for Tiger on a Saturday at Torrey. But it’s probably not worth it if you’re not using it during the week.


Is PGA Tour Live any different than coverage I would get with YoutubeTV? Been considering getting YoutubeTV for sports and they seem to cover all the networks golf would be on.


Yes. The coverage on PGA Tour Live is in addition to what is shown on Golf Channel, NBC, and CBS. Best example of the value for PGA Tour Live was last year at Riviera - Thursday morning group of Tiger/Rory/JT was shown as a feature group, seeing every shot for that threesome, all of which took place before Golf Channel came on air.

I definitely got the most value out of weekday coverage last year. Think of it like going to a tournament on Thursday or Friday - you really aren’t going to see who is going to win, you are going then for the guaranteed opportunity to follow your favorite players, even if they might miss the cut. So in the morning you follow around the best group or maybe jump back and forth between two strong groups playing close together, then in the afternoon you could park yourself at a certain hole to see everyone come through. You don’t get the exercise or the joy of being outdoors, and you probably will consume fewer beers, but it sure is a nice way to get through a slow Friday at the office.