PGA Tour Live worth it?


So glad they are showing us Rory and Chris Kirk at +472.


PGA Tour Live w/ Tiger, Day, Hideki, Rose, Bubba, Reed directly into streaming NCAA Tournament. Lots of work getting done today.


They could have put ProTracer on that chunky duff by Rose, though.


So it looks like PGA Tour Live content is now available to ESPN+ subscribers, which is mostly noteworthy because ESPN has an app on all of the streaming hardware providers. For me, that means I can watch PGA Tour Live via my Roku TV without needing to cast it from a computer or phone. That is not option via a PGA Tour Live app.

Of course, it is also a separate subscription fee at $4.99/month, and I already paid for the year on PGA Tour Live, so it needs to offer me some other content to be worthwhile, and that value proposition is a little lacking for most folks, unless you happen to be really into stuff like rugby, boxing, MLS, or smaller time college sports. There is a 7 day free trial, and I happen to be a rugby fan who wants to watch the European Club Championships, so I am checking it out for now, but not sure I can justify it going forward.


Yeah, I’ll likely switch to ESPN+ after my year of PGA Tour Live is up.


I just tried ESPN+. It’s cool that I can get sports without cable TV, for $5 per month. However, the PGA Tour Live coverage is not what you might expect. PGA Tour Live has been live all day today (Friday) on my iPhone app. However, the ESPN+ streaming of PGA Tour Live will not begin until 3:00 p.m.


Yes, a ROKU app would be awesome, but there isn’t one for the Masters either. I’m just to cheap to buy a smart TV…


I just subscribed since I’ll be travelling Thursday and need airplane entertainment, and I was wondering if the feed allows you to rewind to the beginning of the round if you tune in after a few holes? Or is the only way to see the full round once they archive it later?


Brendan Porath started a fire on Twitter this morning and the NLU boys have now chimed in so it’s only prudent to add this to the thread. As BP pointed out, PGA Tour’s new partnership with Facebook, their Watch platform now has EXCLUSIVE rights to featured morning groups on the weekends and Live subscribers have been shut out. As a subscriber, I’m in agreement that the Tour underestimated how this move will alienate current subscribers who now feel slighted and could lead to less renewals if the partnership continues beyond this season.


The Tour is really gonna fuck up all the work they put into PGA Tour Live to be quite honest. People won’t renew if they continue to lose access to the product they paid for.


It’s gonna be a shame that they will lose so many subscribers not because of the quality of PGA Tour Live (the production is great) but because they alienated their core fans. This whole Facebook video thing will be a flop. It’s fine if they want to attract new viewers and do what they did with twitter as a free sample, but between #LiveUnderPar and this, the Tour can’t get out of their own way.


Good news for Roku/Fire TV/Chromecast users who will now have an app. As a rare US American PGA Tour obsessive who also loves 6 Nations Rugby, it would be great if I could somehow get a subscription to all NBC Gold packages for a single cost lower than paying for multiple packages, but seems doubtful.

The press release says it is a Thursday/Friday morning package, so it looks like Facebook has the monopoly on weekend feature group coverage.

Somewhat funny story - I was talking to my wife’s cousin, who works for the Tour in Jacksonville, and mentioned that I subscribe to PGA Tour Live. She responded “Oh, so you are the one.” Apparently not a huge subscription base outside of this corner of the internet.


I don’t grasp why they’ll continue to let Facebook have the monopoly on weekend feature groups (besides whatever Zuck is paying). The Facebook layout for any stream is pretty bad and of course Facebook has gained a much worse reputation and lost the trust of many. It would be nice if the subscription price went down since Live is going to continue to lose content. (Unless they find a way to give the same or even more coverage to subscribers).


I’ve yet to find a course worth my “free” $40 from TeeOffdotcom


Same here. The tee off promo codes seem to be pretty worthless. They cant be used for the garden variety round booked on, only for some specific special rate category, which I haven’t ever seen on the weekends on the courses in my area.


Is it too much to ask to have PGA Tour Live for the wrap around portion of the season? Not starting until the Career Builder is a disgrace.


Thankful for the Dunhill Links this week, but there will be some dark Thursday and Friday mornings in the coming weeks.


meh, they screwed it up


It really is a total disgrace. That’s ten tournaments with no coverage on Live. I understand the wrap around portion of the season isn’t as popular in terms of viewership and so on but that’s ten less touranments.


Also, the people who buy PGA Tour Live are presumably the people most interested in in the reach around events.