PGA Tour Live worth it?


i take it back its the ben crane channel today. not worth a penny


Ask yourself…

Can you really put a price on being able to view exclusive Toby Keith golf coverage??

This week is an anomaly because of the event format. Yes, it is worth every cent. Shane Bacon also does a great job, big fan of his. The real problem this week is the tournament itself. The Pebble Pro-Am Needs to Change


Yeah, I thought we were getting Rory and Phil. Crane and El Pato is a wee bit of a letdown.


Today’s coverage through 2 holes:


Today is seemingly quite the anomaly. Feed has gone out 4 times during coverage. That being said, overall the experience is good but not perfect. Still better than Golf Channel’s 2 hours of “pregame” coverage.


just turned it on

saw some whales and then a boat


Thursday, 10:22 AM ET: Tiger Woods Justin Thomas Rory McIlroy

I would reckon that is worth $40 pretty much by itself.


Who else finally jumped in and purchased a year’s subscription because of this pairing today?


I purchased mine this morning


haha I jumped in this morning because of the pairing. I used to go to Riv every year for this tourney, but moved to TX. Had to buy in to get as much coverage as possible.


I was on the fence about it, but the pairing yesterday pushed me over the edge. Already glad I did. A Roku app would be fire though.


The only complaint I have about the service is that it’s not 60fps (looks like “live” TV instead of internet video), hopefully that’s a change they’ll make soon.


Extremely minor complaint time: the way they list the featured groups on the app is annoying. Looking at it today, you’d think the featured group is Tiger, Sergio, and JT going off at 7am. But those guys aren’t all in the same group, and both groups went off later in the hour.

I’ll freely admit that I’m more annoyed about it today because it made me think I was getting two days of a feisty Tiger/Sergio pairing and now I’m not.


Question: What do you guys think the chances are they allow casting to Google Chromecast, or a Firestick/Roku app?

I’d love to be able to stream Thursday’s and Friday’s in the mornings on my TV.


Can someone who purchased the year subscription recently (within the past week) confirm whether or not you still get the two $20 vouchers?


I purchased right before the Thursday rounds at Riv last week. The vouchers came through later that evening.


How did you sign up? Just through the PGA tour live site? Any specific link I should click through?


Yeah right through their website. I think you can sign up through the app too, not sure though. I didn’t download the app until afterwards.


Don’t get me wrong, the PGA Tour Live coverage is great and much better than network coverage but I’m still frustrated that this service essentially punishes golf’s biggest fans (those desiring to watch Thursday/Friday coverage). I understand the reasons behind it.


I purchased 2 weeks ago and received a code for my vouchers