PGA Tour Live worth it?


what everyone else said… i actually have been a subscriber for a couple of seasons… emailed the customer service about the promo and they sent me codes. great stuff PGATour


The PGA Tour Live coverage switches to Featured Holes when the network coverage starts airing. Unfortunate timing with Big Cat’s round.


Note - if you sign up and want the promo, make sure you register through I subscribed thru Apple app store and they won’t give me the vouchers. I would complain, but honestly had no idea about the promo until reading this thread.


yes, totally worth it. Best part for me is being able to watch on multiple devices depending on where I am on a given day. Phone, iPad, computer it’s nice to know I can watch wherever.


Yes. Unequivocally yes.


Awesome! Thanks, thinking of splitting it with a buddy for the year.


I’ve also wondered the same thing as Golf Channel is about all I watch on TV. As far as coverage goes, it won’t include the majors correct?


The audio they pick up on PGA Tour live is truly astonishing. The sounds off the clubface sounds like your at the event.


Correct. Not the majors or ryder cup. Just about everything else though.


I had it and got rid of it. It’s worth trying out for a year. I do YouTube TV now and so I have golf channel on my phone and get a lot of supplemental coverage.

At some point, even if you’re a geek, how much more do you need.

The big events already have a lot of Thursday and Friday coverage.


Yes, worth it and it’s not even close.


Related to this- does anyone else’s video refresh every 10 minutes or so? Drives me crazy. I use Chrome.


Completely, As a rule the only Thursday, Friday coverage is PGA tour live


The best coverage in golf. The audio they play compared to GC and National broadcasts is so much better. You can hear everything the guys are saying.


Is there a way to watch later?


Anyone do PGA Tour Live in Canada? do they restrict anything now that DAZN has pga rights?


I got it and it’s no problem north of the border.


No brainer. Get it. 100X better than national TV


I’ve had it about a year now and it’s totally worth it. Pure golf, no fluff pieces, and you sometimes get to hear Shane Bacon which is a plus.


Best $40 I have ever spent. Just need a Roku app.