PGA Tour Live worth it?


Been considering jumping on $40 for the year for PGA Tour Live. Wanted to see what you guys thing about it. Worth it?


100%, best golf coverage you will watch from thursday-sunday, just pure golf

they had a promo where you get 2 $20 vouchers for recently, not sure if that still going but basically makes its free ha


Yes- excellent coverage with a ton of shots shown. Makes Thursdays & Fridays at work so much better.


If you like golf and you don’t have PGA Tour Live, you’re doing it wrong.


Completely worth it. Don’t look back


Been seriously considering jumping on this too. What devices can I watch on? Amazon fire stick? Roku? This is a big detail for me, as I don’t want to be limited to watching on my laptop/phone.


I’d thought about this, how many devices can you watch on at the same time? Just one?


100% worth it. @Soly & Co. were on the $ with recommending PGA Tour Live. Best $40 you’ll spend all golf season.


No brainer. Truly. Great for work, but also sneaky excellent at home when you download the app to your Apple TV or Roku device.

Plus, au revior, coverage gap.


I have had it since I launched and I can’t live without it. So much better than network coverage. I just wish there was a European Tour version!


Absolutely worth it. Why?

A) Makes the end of the work week a little more enjoyable.
B) Great coverage and commentary.
C) Watching on Saturday and Sunday is more enjoyable when you see a guy in contention and remember seeing him grind over a 4 footer for par on Friday morning.


@j0shsm1th how would one go about taking advantage of said promotion, if it still exists? :thinking:


just sign up, they email you two $20 codes. at least they did last week when i signed up


I received the emailed promos the same day I signed up for PGA Tour live


You get hours of procrastination at work for the cost of a single domestic beer per month

worth it!


I signed up last week to catch the Farmers and they had the deal going on. Great to turn on the stream during work on my second screen.


I just got it last week and it seems pretty cool, but no Roku app as far as I can tell. I also have Chromecast, so I can mirror from a laptop to the big screen, but a Roku app would be a huge plus.


Absolutely worth it. Almost feels like you are following the featured groups at the course. At least as close to the real thing as you can get. I think the $40 is a great deal for the whole year.


First, it is absolutely worth it for the $40/year.

My only complaint is that occasionally they switch from featured groups to specific hole location coverage without warning. It happened last week towards the end of the Big Cats round. I’m not really sure why and I couldn’t figure it out. I think Soly and Porath mentioned that on the Farmers Wrap Pod as well.


I share mine with 3 other guys, and we’ve had very few issues with it kicking any of us off while watching at the same time in different locations.