PGA Moving to Texas...thoughts?



That area is booming and it would make sense from a business standpoint. Upscale living at a reasonable price. Makes hiring talent a lot easier. Plus, it’s easy to fly anywhere from DFW.


As a native of this area, I am obviously very excited about this move. There are definitely some risks trying to host a PGA here in May (rainiest month of the year), but I’m sure some (Rory) would love a wet track! The Ryder Cup is a little more far fetched for Dallas, but that would incredible. I have never considered Dallas a prime golf location, but this move would definitely up its stock.

Can’t wait to see what Gil Hanse is going to create out at Panther Creek. That land (from what I’ve seen from the road) doesn’t look like much. Then again I can’t imagine the course in Rio looked like much. Dallas has way too many neighborhood golf courses, but with Trinity Forest and now another potential championship course, things are looking good for Dallas golf!


I’m pretty stoked about it. I live about 15min away and love the sound of a semi-public course with major quality. Can’t wait.


It’s certainly a more centralized location with a younger demographic. If you’re a PGA pro in Seattle, Portland, and even the California cities, getting to Florida is a drag and a loss of three hours thanks to time zones. From that standpoint, definitely a win for a majority of the PGA’s members. The younger demographic standpoint has to do with the fact Florida is heaven’s waiting room. Not as many permanent residents can enjoy the PGA’s facilities, or for as long, in Florida, compared to Texans. It’s a perfectly reasonable move.


I live about 40 minutes north and I love the idea. There’s just not that many great courses you can get on. The great places to play are private (DAC, Timmaron, Trinity Forest). I would love to see them move things here. There’s definitely no shortage of economic growth in Frisco, so it would be interesting to see what they could come up with.


I agree on the private part. Thing is, that’s not something they have to worry about. Us mortals do, sadly. DFW is due for a great public track.


Maybe one that doesn’t break the bank as well.