PGA 2K23 Refuge Tour - Info Post #8528 - S20 Begins 10/16

Yeah this was a Sunday night staple for me

I’ve been playing on a Switch ever since 2k21 came out. It’s perfectly playable about 98% of the time - you run into a few random courses like Shinnecock (or frustratingly Mid Pines) where the game lags or glitches on certain holes and you get “Slow” swings because it can’t handle the objects or frame rate of certain courses, but most of the time it plays just fine. That’s the rarity and almost every course we play is just fine. You might not be contending for the YH crown every week, but you can certainly hang in there.

I’d be curious if there’s any C-Suite or YH playing Switch. I haven’t ever tried it on any other systems, but this talk about differences between XBox and PS4/5 makes me wonder what our system breakdown looks like.

This is exactly right

@Nickygifts is on switch

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As an avid sports analytics/Moneyball guy I am a bit surprised I didn’t get drafted but then again I completely get it from the salary cap perspective. I deserve this fate as a result but I hope to continue my hovering in the ORGR rankings between 20 and 40.


If you have the option I would avoid getting this game on Switch. In my experience it’s hard to play on handheld and the performance of the game itself isn’t great. Regret not getting it for PS4 when I had the chance, but had the same thought as you about playing on handheld mode.

I play on the switch but like was stated above on a few courses it glitches like crazy so I have to take practice swings figure out how the swing is going to fuck up and play for that really sucks

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I guess my opinion of the Switch comes from my experience with Rocket League. My son and I often fight over the PS4 so I started playing RL on the Switch when I didn’t have access to the PS4 to play PGA2K.

The graphics are absolute trash, it stutters like crazy and the ping levels are through the roof even with the console a foot away from the router. I’ve had similar experiences with other non-Nintendo games as well. I’m assuming the Switch version of games is almost an afterthought to developers and not a lot of time is spent to optimize the game to the hardware.

I’m on Switch and have maintained as a mid-table C-Suiter there, though I’m usually a few strokes behind @Nickygifts . About 1 in 25 courses or so gets a little glitchy, and even then usually only for a few holes. I can play almost as well on the handheld, but play my tourney rounds on the big screen with a controller.

While the system obviously isn’t as good as a PS/Xbox, having the capability to play handheld anywhere anytime while my family dominates the TV, or while we are away from the house makes it way easier to get practice rounds in.


I agree with this. In short @Jim_Sand - if you have another system, it’s almost certainly better than on the Switch. But if Switch is all you have (like me), it’s entirely playable most of the time, and still a lot of fun.

Don’t let the Switch issues stop you from playing altogether.


Thanks for the info. I’m going to go ahead and join-up on PS4 tonight. It looks like the game is half-off at the moment.

@justmuckit i hate to tell you. A PlayStation isn’t saving your game. Send me $500 and I’ll kick ya in the dick …

Just kidding. Kinda.

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We are now enemies with McLaren and Ferrari.



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Thought Haas and Ferrari had a mutual respect, but now?


Seeing my name at the bottom of C-Suite got me a little motivated. I joined TGCT today and threw myself directly into the fire.

I was promptly slapped in the face with a four-putt on the first, but managed to shoot a 62 in my second round. Game is #trending to where I may be a PJ Brown-like addition to a championship team.


Laggy courses are a thing on all platforms, like @tchap80 said sometimes the object count is too high, limitation of the game engine. On PC I do sometimes have to turn down the graphics settings to maintain smooth fps. Will be an issue until they move to a new game engine, which I’m both looking forward to and also dreading, because when/if that happens with a future game it probably means all the user created courses won’t be able to be ported over as easily as they were from 2019 to 2K21.

Season 9:


My God, I may have to get a Switch just to play this. Brings me back to my endless hours on Mario Golf on the Game Boy Color.


Truer words have never been spoken. That was the GOAT gameboy color game.