PGA 2K21 Refuge Tour: S15 - Post 5858 for Info

never thought id throw my controller after finishing -18 but here we are.

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I’ll get my rounds in tonight ended up having family things take up all weekend. I may have played em already can’t remember :joy:

Just a heads up, we will be checking to see if Sagaponack is showing up on the consoles - it was mysteriously missing yesterday from the course search. If it is we will have a last minute venue change to Shawnee Run Golf Club. Just check the spreadsheet tonight to know if anything has changed.


Sagaponack is still missing from Switch and possibly others, so we are moving the venue to Shawnee Run Golf Club. If playing practice rounds just be mindful there is another course just called Shawnee Run, that’s not the host venue.

Also we would like to thank Workday for helping with last minute sponsorship and our venue change


So if we’ve already played our rounds, we need to play again and re-enter scores?

The next event wasn’t going live in the game societies until Monday night anyway, you wouldn’t have played your tournament rounds yet.

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Week 7 Update (Yes I am now realizing that I put week 7 for the last update. This is actually the week 7 update)

Ferrari pulls through with a W despite losing a player early on with a DNF. Close behind to round out the podium are Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin.

Aston takes an 18 point lead into the final event of the season. It looks all but certain that they will win the constructor’s title, but stranger things have happened. (aka we have Michael Masi on standby)

In the individual flight wins for the week:

Young Hitters:
@Enorma-Stitts gets another W, this time scorecard playoff over @BlakeG

@seattlezero93 wins no matter what flight he’s in apparently

At least one person with Spieth in their name won this weekend, @SpiethGotMono

@DetroitGolfer19 not only wins but also gets the coveted title of low Detroitite? Detroitian? Whatever, low score of the Detroit zone.

For the last event of the regular season there was something weird going on with Sagaponack and it wasn’t showing up on the consoles under the course search, so we’ve moved venues to Shawnee Run Golf Club. Last regular week before the test run of the new playoff format and all the regulations change for next season, so let’s make it a good one for the Viva Chavez Invitational Presented by Raul Alejandro Bastilla Pedro de Veloso de Maldonado (and Workday).



As of last night there was no event created in the Xbox society yet


I can set it up around noon PT if @DetroitGolfer19 doesn’t beat me to it.

Shit, sorry about that guys. Justin, if you could do it, that’d be awesome. Got slammed with work on Sunday and it’s continued into today

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Welp just had my first ace on tour on number 8. Would have been more enjoyable had I not four putted for bogey on 2.

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I don’t know who is in charge these days and what car you get a lease on, but congrats!


Quite the scorecard as well…



Also, Viva Chavez Invitational Presented by Raul Alejandro Bastilla Pedro de Veloso de Maldonado (and Workday) is now up on XBox.


Raul welcomes all players to this week’s event



No 3 in round 2 can eat my ass.




I am happy to present our new format for The Butt Cup Playoffs.

Qualification - Top 3 in points from each flight
Format - 54 hole net stroke play
Handicap Calculation - Season 15 SG Avg per round * 3

Here is where it stands if the season ended today…

I will be answering any questions on the new format here for the next hour.