PGA 2K21 Refuge Tour: PGA 2K23 Refuge Tour - new game Oct 14

I’d be down, I can work on getting venues and settings tomorrow. I’ll have to lean on @JBors expertise for the spreadsheet though, if it’s as simple as copying the sheet used for the playoff/RIT then I could probably figure it out enough to not completely break everything.


Ok I added 2 events to the schedule, spreadsheets might have to wait for Jbors if he has time to look into it. It might be a simple copy/paste job from the other sheet but I didn’t want to risk breaking everything. I will get 2 more set up tomorrow or Tuesday, my weekend got away from me a bit in terms of time so that’s what I have for now.


Just wanted to say thanks to everybody involved with this league for all the fun it’s been. Especially @Jeff_M and @JBors for all the hard work. With this being the middle of HS football season (and my being back on the bench full-time this season) I have zero time to play any golf, let alone pretend golf. By the time the season is over, you will all likely have switched over to the new game, which I don’t plan on buying.

So I’m retiring from this league. Thanks again everyone for all the great virtual competition and of course, the dumpster fire of memories. See y’all out there!


anyone able to set up the Xbox event for us?

Is the PlayStation event set up? I think I’m an admin if someone needs to do it.

Coordinating with the admin team, we should have them set up on Xbox and PS4/5 today/tonight. If they aren’t there tomorrow let me know and I can ping them, but I’m not too worried about it since these are more just filler events. I know it’s way easier to just hop on and play in the society but definitely feel free to set up rounds on your own too, the settings are published in the schedule.

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Hey all, my bad. 16 days out from my wedding so life has been insanely busy. I’m putting the Xbox event up right now. I meant to get to it last night but we were finalizing some forms and it slipped my mind.

Greetings all.

2 questions:

Is this open to cross platform players? (I just got it for the Switch)
How does one join/sign-up? (I’m assuming it would be for next season.)

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I’ve got some bad news for you, they axed Switch for the new game so we’re not going to be able to support that moving forward. The game does not support cross-play, but we use a spreadsheet to track our Tour scores so we are able to have players on PC, Xbox, and PS4/5.

2k23 releases on Oct 14, so we’re in a holding pattern until then. Will probably give it a week or two after the new game drops to give time for designers to port courses over and publish new ones, then figure out a new season schedule and how we’ll do qualifying.

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Thanks for the answers. I appreciate it.

Y’all are fucked next season. I just purchased an Xbox Series X to replace the Xbox One. I bet my putting gets SO much better with the new system.


Legit about to get a PS5, if I can find one

If you search PS5 over in the video game thread there were some people sharing methods to get one there a while back

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Are we going to jump to the new game right away? Wonder if it might be worth waiting until the new year to give enough people a chance to grab it over the holidays and such

Right now the plan is to start a new season shortly after the new game drops, looking at the calendar I’d say likely November 1. Then if we do a 8-10 week season, a new season will start either at the new year or shortly thereafter. And as we have been doing, we will allow new players to hop in at any point during the season and use the ongoing event as their qualifier.


Sorry for a bit of a delay, last few days have just been busy and I haven’t been able to do much of anything in regards to the Tour. I have added a tab to the spreadsheet called Off Season - Ol’ Rocky Top for this week’s event. I just copy/pasted names and handicaps from the sheets for the RIT and Playoffs, so it might work or it might not, I have no idea. Feel free to play and post scores to see where you stack up.

Was just thinking, @ChickPhilA at your convenience, could we get a thread title update please? PGA 2K23 Refuge Tour - new game Oct 14. Thank you!

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